What To Buy Your Boyfriend: 20 Gifts He’ll Love From $5 to $50

Picking out the perfect present for your boyfriend can be really, really difficult. Guys are so hard to shop for! Plus, they’re always saying things like, “I don’t need anything. Don’t spend money on me.” So frustrating! You want to get him something he’ll love that will impress him and yet, even after a few years of dating, it can still be a tough decision.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years and figuring out what to buy him is still hard! I know what he likes, but he’s SO picky, which makes things complicated. If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry: I’ve got some great options for you, no matter what you want to spend. Need a little something extra? There are gifts here under $15. Want to save money but still get something nice? There are options under $25! And if you’re willing to splurge a little more, we even have gifts up to $50. Check out these 20 gifts he’ll definitely love. Good luck!

Are you going to buy any of these gifts for your boyfriend? If not, what will you get him? Tell me in the comments.


25 gifts under $25 for all of your friends

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  1. avatarbizi says:

    There is also IPhone app (What to get my boyfriend) for that, its very nice. It asks you questions about relationship and his character,,in the end it gives you suggestions, of course you can set the budget and also his birthday reminder. Its cute and useful, I am sure they have bunch of small cheep unusual gift ideas and they as well have DIY ideas.

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