13 Things We Learned About Our Bodies In 2013

Do you ever stop and think about how incredible your body is? Seriously, bodies are amazing, which is why we’re always finding out new things about them. Our bodies are so complicated and intricate that we may never know the full extent of their capabilities, but we’re learning more and more every day.

I think it’s so crazy that you can train your brain to wake you up in the morning in place of your alarm or that your body lets you know when you’re tired before you even realize it. One of the most important things you can do is listen to your body and pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you because it knows way more than you do.

We’ve learned some pretty cool things about our bodies this year, but here are the 13 most interesting things we learned in 2013!

What things have you learned about your body this year? Tell us in the comments!

Do guys care about nipple size?

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  1. avatarsandra andrews says:

    dnt eat crappy foods u cn get larger behinds by eatin healthy like fibres nd wholegrains

  2. avatarCursed Angel says:

    “the average cup size (36C)”
    I’m only 13 (almost 14) and I’m above the average cup size… I wish I could shrink I really hate being a 28DD because of it I have to get my bras online and they cost at least 20$ each and that’s when their on a sale!

  3. avatarAmy says:

    Aria, not trying to be mean but it’s just a list of interesting surveys. It’s not as if the Gurl writers are trying to be mean to people with smaller behinds. And also, some girls have naturally larger behinds with eating a tonne of junk. Not trying to be mean, just giving an opinion. :)

  4. avatarAria says:

    wow! so that means that I should eat tons of crappy food so my butt gets huge, to be “smarter”. thanks for making me feel better.

    • avatarCher says:

      come on girls what’s wrong with you? they didn’t meant to say that and you know it! take it easy, go take a shower, drink tea or something

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