10 Study Hacks To Help You Pass Midterms Or Finals If You Slacked Off This Semester

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless you’re in high school or college and you’re preparing for exams and you have the urge to jump under your covers and hide there until after the holidays.

December is a magical month for everything except school. If you’re in high school, it’s time for midterms. If you’re in college, your semester is ending and it’s time to take finals, the worst thing about college. It’s like teachers love to get you as stressed out as possible before you can fully enjoy your holiday.

If you slacked off all semester – or even if you didn’t and you’re just stressed about getting good grades anyway – you’re probably freaking out right about now. Midterms and finals are right around the corner and, um, what did you learn these last few months?! Where did the time go?! How are you going to pass these things??? Relax. Calm down. I’m here to help. Check out these 10 super useful study hacks that will help you pass your midterms or finals. You’re welcome.

Do you have midterms or finals coming up? Are you stressed out? Which of these tips will you try? Which tips did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  • ?TheBloodyGirl?

    Ugh. Midterms is next week. (BTW I’m not in high school or college, I’m in middle school. :3) MIDTERMS ALL WEEK! AND THEN AT THE END OF THE YEAR THERE IS FINALS+PARCC! NOOOOO! And in my school you can’t chew gum.

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  • Greer

    My finals are 5 days away from now and I haven’t started studying yet. I’m so stressed . Thank you for the help 🙂

  • steph

    how dare you condone begging!

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  • ulaai

    By the time you wrote this I’d finished my exam, haha
    Some of the results had alredy out
    And it was not too much good 🙁

  • Jane

    i did my first “blank” exam last week. (it’s a different system in france). it was on monday, and i had so much homework to do over the weekend. i literally spend my whole weekend doing homework. then i spent half of sunday night working (my computer got a virus, so i had to use my parents’ computer). i scared myself reading stuff on internet about viruses, so i couldn’t get to sleep until about 6am. i got up at 7am to go to school, so i only had one hour of sleep in the whole night! i was PMSing as well, so i was super grouchy. then i realised i’d forgotten my calculator! (it was a maths exam). luckily, i was talking to my crush when i realised, and he immediately left and came back a minute later with a calculator he’d borrowed from a friend.

  • Mira

    And you are telling me this like five minutes after my midterms? but thanks anyway