The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Winter Coat Shopping

I’m from California, so whenever I’m in cold weather I don’t really know what to do with myself. I mean, I have my winter coat and I’m into layering, but I’m so resistant to the heavy duty winter apparel. You know, a massive down coat, the warmest of gloves, anything thermal…it’s all a little much for me. Not to mention the fact that most winter apparel is either hideous or overpriced or overpriced and hideous at the same time.

In short, dressing for the winter sucks but that’s what I get for moving somewhere that has real seasons.

If you’re just as easily overwhelmed and irritated by winter coat shopping, check out these 10 lazy tips that’ll inspire you to become a winter warrior princess…or something that sounds equally badass.


Would you rather wear winter clothes or summer clothes? What’s the worst fashion decision you’ve ever made in cold weather? Tell us in the comments!


4 Ways To Winter-ize Your Fall Wardrobe

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  1. avatarKylie says:

    Woah, just buy a coat that has down-fill inside them. You should be able to breath, and it shouldn’t make you itchy so you can be comfortable when you wear your coat :)

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