7 Excuses Guys Will Give You When They’re Blowing You Off

Dating is complicated. Sometimes people are jerks and instead of being honest and truthful, they lie. They don’t always lie because they’re trying to hurt you – most of the time they lie because they don’t want to hurt you. This especially comes into play when a crush makes plans with you and then blows you off.

Ugh. When it comes to dating, what could be worse than having a date blow you off at the last second? Um, very few things. A lot of the time, guys will give you excuses as to why they can’t hang out instead of just saying “I don’t want to hang out” because they’re afraid to say that. I won’t be a hypocrite – I’ve used all of these excuses at least once. I know it’s horrible, I’m sorry! Anyway, while these reasons are sometimes legit, a lot of the time they’re just a lame excuse. Here are 7 excuses guys will give you when they’re blowing you off. Beware!

Have you ever been given one of these excuses? Do you disagree about any of them? What excuse do you give when you blow people off? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. avatarpaula says:

    How about this one. “my two roommates are fighting,” LOL, never seen 2 grown, professional
    men fight or argue, especially, total b.s.

    I was born, but not yesterday!

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