25 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Friends For Under $25 (Perfect For Secret Santa!)

The holidays are great, but they can also be pretty hectic. I love buying gifts for my friends and family members (it’s one of my favorite things), but trying to find the perfect gift for someone when you actually have no idea what to get them can get seriously stressful. You always end up leaving it to the last minute and then all of the sudden, it’s like, OMG you have no time. I’ve been there.

Well, don’t let it happen to you this year! If you’re looking for some inexpensive gifts for friends that they’ll love, I’ve got your back. These 25 gifts under $25 are cute, a little quirky and can be used by anyone. Plus, they’re perfect for Secret Santa gifts, if you do that with your friends. A bunch of my friends and I plan it every year and $25 is always our limit. It can seem hard sometimes to find something super cute for such a cheap price, but there is a ton of stuff out there! Start with this list of 25 gifts for under $25 for your friends.

Which of these are you going to buy as a gift? What do you want for yourself? What other kinds of gift guides do you want to see? Tell me in the comments.


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