12 Moments From Boy Meets World That Changed My Life

I often forget how big of a presence Boy Meets World had in my childhood memories. But as soon as I start talking about my love for Shawn Hunter, I suddenly remember this episode and that episode and the moment when Cory did this and when Topanga said that…and then I’m spending, like, an hour talking about this damn show without any plans of stopping.

Boy Meets World was formative for a few reasons: It seemed to always be on TV, even when it was just reruns, so there was really no escaping it. Also, the show didn’t get too cheesy like plenty of other ’90s sitcoms. The serious moments were gripping, the fun moments were silly and we always had someone–or some couple–to root for. It was just a fun show to watch and grow up alongside, you know?

By the way, did I mention my love for Shawn Hunter? I  just need to make sure that the entirety of the internet knows about it.

If you were also a fan of Boy Meets World, check out these 12 moments from the show that definitely changed my life.

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  1. avatar Grace says:

    Found this on Pinterest. Was really hoping for actual moments; like when Shawn is practically in a cult and learns about real love because Turner end up in the hospital. Most of these are characters.

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  3. avatar Jae says:

    Best article ever written in the history of articles.

  4. avatar Steph says:

    I recently finished rewatching ALL the episodes of boy meets world and let me tell you it still holds up!! Waaaaaayy better that a bunch of shows on tv now

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