15 Unrealistic TV Moments That Annoy Us, From Reddit Users

Oh, Reddit. I never used to get you before, but now I seriously love looking through your website and reading the ridiculous, thought-provoking topics that everyone is talking about. I love the popular topic I stumbled across today: the unrealistic TV moments that annoy Reddit users the most. I can totally relate.

I love TV just as much as the next person, but I think we can all agree that some of the stuff that happens on our favorite shows is just insane. I usually try to turn a blind eye (it is fake, after all), but my boyfriend is really logical and loves to point out the things that would “never happen in real life.” Apparently, so do Reddit users. Here are 15 unrealistic TV moments that annoy us all. Add yours to the list in the comments!

Which of these moments do you think is the most unrealistic? What other unrealistic moments did we forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. avatarBrenna says:

    I hated how Marley Rose from Glee was supposed to be poor and people would make fun of her for it, but she always wears new outfits every week and lives in a giant house. When my family didn’t have a lot of money, I’d have to wear the same outfit four times a week. I only had one pair of jeans. How they portray her is just unrealistic and it makes me mad.

  2. avatarttallthat says:

    omg i love pll they are so cool but something is wrong with hannah for real

  3. avatarKelli says:

    An example of outrageous dorm rooms would Caroline and Elena on the Vampire Diaries. Their room has a freaking fireplace! Like where the hell would you have a fireplace in your dorm room!? Probably nowhere!

  4. avatarOwshieannarose says:

    To be fair, Everybody Loves Raymond is actually based on real people and events.

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