10 Pretty Holiday Nail Polishes You Need To Buy Now

There’s something about the holidays that makes me want to paint my nails a really sparkly color and call it a day. One of the only times of the year I wear glitter nail polish is around Christmas and New Years Eve, in fact. This is exactly why holiday nail polish colors are so much fun – there is plenty of glitter and sparkles to go around and with nail polish, you can go as crazy as you want.

But not every holiday polish is glittery. I also love the other winter-y colors that pop up during holiday nail polish collections. When it comes to your nails, the winter is a time to go dark – neon and brights just seem out of place. My absolute favorite color for the wintertime is Essie’s Recessionista, which is a few seasons old but still perfect. But this year, I’m looking to expand my options even more. Here are my 10 favorite holiday nail polishes for 2013 – check them out and start shopping!

Which of these nail polish colors is your favorite? What’s your favorite holiday color that I didn’t include? Which will you buy? Tell me in the comments.


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