He Sent Me Naked Pictures and Now He’s Ignoring Me, What Do I Do?

Hi Heather,

I met this guy a while ago and he was nice at first but then he began to get weird. One day, he asked me to send him a picture, so I did, but he kept asking for more. I sent him one of my chest, but I was in a tank top (you couldn’t see my face), but he kept asking for more. Even when I said no, he wouldn’t stop asking, until he finally gave in and said never mind. The next day, he asked me if I wanted to see his penis, I said, “no,” but he sent it anyway! I got really mad at him and then he stopped talking to me completely. Now he is avoiding me. Why he is being like this? Can you help?

Whoa. The way this guy is acting is seriously not cool. First he pressured you into sexting, then he forced a penis picture on you and now he’s ignoring and avoiding you. None of that stuff is okay!

But before I give you advice on what to do, I’ll answer your question of why he’s ignoring you. There are two possible reasons this guy is avoiding you: one, he probably feels pretty embarrassed. I’m assuming that, after he sent you a picture of his penis, he didn’t think you would react with anger – he probably thought you would enjoy it and now he feels stupid. The second reason? He’s probably just annoyed that he’s not getting his way with you. He’s probably angry that you won’t send him a naked picture and, after what happened with the penis pic, he’s probably realized that it’s not going to happen. So, as horrible as it sounds, he could be avoiding you because you’re not sending him naked pictures. 

Either way? It sounds like this guy isn’t worth your time. The first time you said no to his request for some sexting, he should have respected your answer and left you alone. He shouldn’t have kept asking you and pressuring you into doing it. And, when you told him you didn’t want a picture of his penis, he DEFINITELY should not have sent it anyway. You said no and he totally ignored you and did what he wanted anyway. You had every right to get mad at him for that and he should have apologized instead of avoiding you. If he’s doing this stuff through texting, how do you think he would be if you were hanging out in person?

In my opinion, you should cut this guy out of your life. You have nothing to apologize for and you should never feel like you have to send someone naked pictures in order for them to keep talking to you. If this guy was interested in who you actually are, he wouldn’t have begged you to sext him – he would have tried to get to know you. It sounds like he only wants one thing: to see you naked. If you two start talking again, he’s just going to keep asking for more and sending you more. That’s obviously making you uncomfortable and there’s no reason you should be in that position.

Don’t try to reach out to this dude at all. Ignore him yourself and focus on meeting someone who will be more interested in who you are than what you look like naked.

take care,

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  • Tim

    If you say no then the guys going to say no to you. No means you better do it or else you wont get the guy.

  • Knowitall

    Sorry to ask but how long does it usually take Heather to answer a letter????

  • Lucy

    Whoa Heather! Your advice is perfect! I had a similar experience too. This guy Jake* from my class who never spoke to me before wanted to sext after seeing a picture of me on facebook, in a trial room, wearing a sequined dress. Nothing explicitly sexual about it. He was so desperate. But I said no. I didn’t wanna give myself away to someone who didn’t even know me.! Sexting is stupid, honestly.

    • Kirsten

      I disagree, I think sexting is awesome! Getting an unwanted penis picture, however, is not. If I were you, I’d screenshot it and send it to his mom. No means NO!