7 Things Wrong With The Little Mermaid

I love Disney movies. I specifically love movies about the Disney Princesses because, well, they’re amazing. We know that the Princesses can teach us about a lot of different things like beauty, sex and style. The movies are full of fun, adventure and romance, which are things we all love.

As much as I love Disney movies, they don’t always teach us the best lessons. There’s definitely some flawed logic that comes out of The Magic Castle. That’s okay, no one’s perfect. But I thought we should take a look at some of the things that aren’t so great.

Here are 7 things wrong with The Little Mermaid:

What do you think about The Little Mermaid? Do you think there are other things wrong with it? Tell us in the comments!

What does your favorite Princess say about your sense of style?

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  1. avatarJojo says:

    I like Ariel and I thought the movie was good but I could NEVER imagine giving up being a mermaid for anything or anyone. A whole life of being in the ocean. Are you kidding me? I would give up everything now to be a mermaid. I could never ever underarm Ariel giving up being a mermaid. I know we all want to try difference but I can’t imagine anyone could be happy giving up being a mermaid forever. resentment and sadness would kick in 3.. 2.. 1.. I mean I understand if she was able to do both the movie shows she’s stuck as human. That was so devastating for me as a kid. That I could never really feel that good about the movie. Also she ditched flounder.

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