7 Things That You Wish Were Real Gifts

Obviously since it’s holiday season, it’s gift season. Gifts are one of the funnest parts of the holidays, right? But honestly, I don’t like getting gifts that I am not going to actually use. I love practical gifts. This year I’m all about things for my apartment that I still don’t have. Like curtains. And a vacuum. (Don’t judge me.)

Wouldn’t it be great if you got things for the holidays that you’ll love AND that would be essential to your life in some way? I mean, how many times have you gotten something that just sits there? It’s sad because you should feel so thankful to get presents at all, but then you feel pretty crappy when it’s something you’re never going to use.

So here are things you definitely wish you could put on your list:

Have you ever gotten a gift you never used? What do you wish you could get as a real gift? Tell us in the comments!

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