From The Message Boards: I Flirt A Lot, Does That Make Me A Ho?

One of the ways people interact is by flirting. Flirting can be just for fun, to get a date, start a relationship and more. There are tons of reasons why people flirt.

But how much flirting is too much? That’s what you’re discussing this week on the message boards. Does flirting a lot make you a ho?

Let’s see what y’all had to say:

Sandy-Tay96 asked:

“I flirt with guys….A LOT! Am I considered a ho?”

HALCYON04 said:

“Not really. I think it just means your flirty. Which is not considered a ‘ho.'”

Rebferry said:

“A flirt is not considered a ho. If you worry too much about what people think, you will never have fun. Haters will hate. Just flirt as much as you want, have fun & be yourself. If you feel like you’re a ‘ho’ then change it. Only do it for yourself though.”

SweetSahara said:
“I flirt a lot too, it’s just my personality. If people don’t like that, it’s their problem.”

OhHeyKarie said:
“In NO way is flirting making you a hoe. You are only a ho if you basically sleep with him/lead him on, then it’s a tease. But, every girl/guy flirts, it’s a natural thing. So flirt away, you’re not hurting anyone!”

Flirting is totally normal, and no, flirting a lot does not make you a ho. There is nothing wrong with flirting, even if you’re just flirting to flirt. You’re not being a tease or doing anything you shouldn’t be.

One thing you should avoid, however, is flirting with guys who have girlfriends. You wouldn’t want someone flirting with your boyfriend, so don’t do that to someone else. Flirt all you want with the single guys, but leave the ones who are off the market alone. That’s just a good human being thing to do.

But seriously, flirting is pretty harmless. Don’t worry about “flirting too much” and just have fun!
Do you flirt a lot? Do you think that makes you a ho? Tell us in the comments!

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  • itgotitbad

    I flirt a lot too, but for me it is kind of a problem for two reasons: one, I end up doing way more than I should because I get off on getting people off, i like turning people on so I almost throw myself out there in order to feel attractive and
    two: my friends are so used to it no one really sees me in a romantic light

  • Jane

    Flirting is only a problem if you are in a relationship and its only ok in a relationship if you have your SO’s permission, like you can only flirt when they are with you, can’t flirt with anyone you will ever see again, and never give or accept the person you are fllrting with number.

  • Emma

    While there is nothing wrong with flirting, I have a friend who flirts way too much. She flirts to the point of it becoming ridiculous and completely obvious. It can also be fairly annoying, especially if she abandons you to flirt with someone. While there is nothing wrong with flirting, be careful that you don’t hurt other people’s feelings.