10 Moments From That ’70s Show That Changed My Life

That ’70s Show is one of those shows that I never really properly watched or appreciated until I was older. On my first watch I didn’t really understand most of the cultural references, I spent more episodes wondering where Fez was from than paying attention to the plot and I had a huge crush on Eric. Later I understood why they spent so much time in that basement, I understood all the sexual innuendo and I…still had a huge crush on Eric. Some things don’t really change, I guess.

Anyway, That ’70s Show was formative for a number of reasons: It exposed me to a ton of ’70s pop culture references, it taught me never to trust Ashton Kutcher and to always (always) be grateful that my dad isn’t the Red Forman type. So without further ado, here are 10 moments from the show that changed my life!


Were you a fan of That 70s Show? What moments are memorable and which would you rather pretend never happened? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Vikki

    Jackie & Hyde were amazing and I will never get over that ridiculous Jackie/Fez endgame! ugggg….just the worst thing ever

  • Maren

    I appreciate Donna’s character much more now that I’m older because she’s confident and feminist and just generally awesome. 😀 Still don’t like Randy, though.

  • Aria

    Jackie and Hyde should have totaly end together! this show couldn’t have a worst end!

    • I’m never going to get over it. Worst decision.