8 Thanksgiving Foods That Will Make You More Beautiful Than You Already Are

Happy Thanksgiving Week everybody! Y’all, I am so excited for Thursday I can’t even stand it. My dad emailed me the menu, and I almost cried. I’m flying home tomorrow and all I can think about is food and hanging out with my dogs. It’s going to be the greatest.

Thanksgiving food is probably in my top five favorite types of food ever. I could eat a Thanksgiving spread year-round I think. And you know what’s awesome about it besides being so delicious and heavenly? Thanksgiving food is packed with beauty helpers! Seriously, your Thanksgiving table is basically an edible spa.

Check out these Thanksgiving foods that will make you look like a beautiful autumn queen.

What other foods do you know of that have beauty benefits? What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Aria

    I’m from Europe and here it’s like impossile to find pecan nuts. I never ate pecan pie, but I heard it’s like porn for mouth… so unfair!

  • Amy

    Not being in the US means no thanksgiving for me but a few of these apply for Christmas which is awesome! I love this article! I wish parsnips were there cause I love parsnips! Still an awesome article 🙂