The 7 Worst Things That Can Happen During Thanksgiving

Sometimes I honestly feel like I’m a walking bad holiday movie. You know the ones I’m talking about, too. The ones where everything that can go wrong, will. That’s my life. This morning on my way to work, someone’s arm caught hold of my headphones cord and pulled my phone out of my pocket. It landed in the tiny gap between the subway and the platform and very easily could have fallen through. Basically, I should not be allowed in public.

It’s no secret how much I love Thanksgiving, but with every big holiday comes a big risk for disaster. I’m already preparing myself for things that could go wrong considering there’s apparently some bad weather coming in, and I’m flying out tomorrow.

I’m really hoping these things don’t happen during Thanksgiving:

What are some things you think can go wrong during Thanksgiving? Have you ever had any big holiday disasters? Tell us in the comments!

Choose between these super awkward holiday moments

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  • spotina8

    I agree to most of these but the kids table. In my family gathering I’m the oldest out of all the cousins i don’t mind it. but when it came time to get switched i didn’t even want to i begged my mom and dad to weight 1 more year so i would have one cousin there with me. when they said no that i need to start at that age so i sat in between my mom and dad and next thing i knew every one of my aunts and uncles were staring at me they wanted me to start practically every conversation and had to be careful not say my opinion if i didn’t like something like we would do at the kids table. every time i messed up and said something they thought more little kids would say because i was trying to have a little laffes they looked at me like i had something wrong with me to me will what they found funny i didn’t get because i was to young i would pick the kids table any other day