Why I’ll Never Stop Shaving Or Waxing Down There

I feel like we can never talk enough about body hair. We talk about shaving and waxing like it’s our day job (well it IS our day job), and we talk about whether or not it matters if you shave or wax. The truth is, no it doesn’t matter. But we never stop talking about it.

This morning, I read an article about how pubic hair is back “in” but was unaware that it was ever really out. According to a new study, most men don’t care and most women don’t have the time to wax or shave down yonder. 62% of men even said they prefer the natural look on their partners while 45% of women admitted they just couldn’t keep up with it anymore.

I’m glad that people aren’t losing their minds about pubes anymore because if you want hair, then by golly, have hair! I never understood why this was such a pointed issue, but now that pubic hair is “back in style” we can all stop freaking out about it. Shaving or waxing down there, or anywhere actually, is a personal preference. Period. That’s it.

Sorry, but it doesn’t really matter what your partner wants you to do. It doesn’t matter what trends are telling you to do. What matters is what you want to do with your body hair.

And that’s why I’m never going to stop shaving or waxing. I started shaving my legs when I was in fifth grade. I’m a dark-haired Italian so, naturally, I have dark hair. I was teased mercilessly when I was young for having dark hair on my arms and legs. I started shaving. I bought myself a little electric razor and eventually moved up to a real one in sixth grade. I was pretty cool for about a week because I was the first girl to start shaving.

But that soon turned into a habit that I couldn’t break. I was so self conscious about my arm hair that I bleached it, but had a horrible reaction that taught me I have sensitive skin. So I started shaving my arms too. And eventually I started shaving everything, including my pubic hair, to the point where it was weird for me NOT to shave. Such has been my life for the past thirteen or so years.

I started getting Brazilian waxes a few years ago because I was sick of shaving down there, and I loved it. I haven’t stopped, and I won’t. I don’t like having body hair. At all. When I have it, I’m immediately transported back to the fifth grade when I was bullied for having dark hair, for being too skinny and for having a nose that I hadn’t grown into yet. Having body hair gives me so much anxiety that I’d rather just shave it or wax it all off, and I’m okay with that.

I don’t shave or wax for anyone except myself. I never have and never will. And neither should you. If you want to shave or wax anything, then do it. If you don’t want to, then don’t. Do what makes you feel the best about yourself.

What do you think about shaving and waxing? Do you shave or wax? Will you stop now that hair is back in style?Tell us in the comments!

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  • Trixie Storm

    I love baring my pubes, whether it’s shaving or waxing, depilatory, etc. I feel clean, and just like getting into a freshly made bed between clean sheets after a nice hot shower, it just feels great. My boyfriend loves it as well.
    I remember being at a beach near Barcelona with him and some of his sailing buddies, when a woman walked by with a very full bush. One of his friends said “Omg, how the hell does she wipe? With a scrub brush?” Rich looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes, and said to his friend, “Well, we don’t have to worry about that, (he looked at me) Do we babe?” I said “Oh, HELL no”. Having pubic hair, to me, is like underwear you cant take off and throw in the wash. People must have really reeked back in the days before indoor plumbing was invented. I’m not telling anybody what they should or shouldn’t do, just relating what I do, and why it works for me.

  • Loredana

    It almost feels like I’m the one speaking when I read this article. I’m a dark-haired italian girl as well, and I have quite a lot of hair on my body. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I was in 6th grade, when I went on a trip and one of my “friends” started making fun of the hair on my legs and telling everybody about it, who would look at me disgusted. I was 11. I didn’t even notice it until then. Now I’m obsessed, it gives me anxiety issues and I cannot have sexual relations with my partner unless I’m 100% shaved. I also started shaving my belly even though I only had blonde, thin hair on it because of this obsession, and now it got worse and I need to wax it. I hate waiting between wax sessions. I really do not feel feminine when I have hair. I know hair on a women is still feminine, and my boyfriend keeps telling me too, but I just hate this part of myself to the point where it interacts with my identity.

    • Been Benuane

      You sound pretty messed-up…

  • Been Benuane

    A bush is “unfeminine”?!
    Huh? I remember I was rather turned on by pubes when I was an adolescent and teenager and felt that it made these females I saw it on; “Women” instead of “girls”.

    Oh well, at 36 I’m getting too old to pick-up women younger than 30 anyway. Maybe you’ve just seen too much pornography?

  • JohnnyBoy

    I have a really hard time understanding how you could feel unfeminine by not shaving. If you are a woman and hair grows on your body, the hair IS feminine. Shaving is the ultimate example of giving in to peer pressure. It’s going so far to conform to perceived societal norms that you remove the hair on a part of your body that only you and a significant other see. It’s pathetic. If your boyfriend actually cares about you as a person, he won’t care if you have hair on your crotch or not. When I see or hear about a woman shaving her pubes, it is an instant turn off for me. Why would I want to have sex with someone who looks like a pubescent girl? It’s almost pedophilic.

    I find it hilarious when I read an article like this. Women saying it makes them feel more attractive or feminine. If that’s the case, you have serious body issues. It goes beyond the idea that you are always fat. Weight is pretty controllable, normally, but hair is something that naturally grows from your body. Before you started “changing”, did you think you were a pretty attractive person? During your changes, you probably continued to think so. It wasn’t until somebody said or implied something was wrong with having hair on your pubic region or legs that you agreed and in the interests of staying attractive, you removed that hair. Pathetic. Grow up and accept who you are.

    But hey, who am I? Nobody except your target audience.

    • olivia

      Pathetic….? Really?
      So whilst trying to tell her to accept herself, you call a woman pathetic for having body issues in a society that constantly perpetuates hairless, flawless women? You completely missed the mark, my friend, and ended up sounding like a total fucking asshole. Seems like you may be the one who needs to grow up, “Johnnyboy.”

      – A girl who does not shave, but still manages to have compassion.

  • Bryan Bueno

    I find it very beautiful! A year or two I was at a drum circle and I caught myself with 3 girls and one did not shave “down there” I was like.. Don’t worry about it.. It ain’t nothing to worry.. One it was a night & full moon thing and.. Honestly, let’s change our generation to really forget that the needing to get rid of the beauty that God has created; why be ashamed of his creation… I am proud to know God and blessed me knowing a lot things.. Ha! Still single

  • Fabian

    I need help what can i do get rid of my pubic hair for life time never grow back?

  • Allison16

    frankly, I don’t shave down there, but I do shave some of the most popular-legs and underarms. I don’t do arms or pubic, but mainly because I don’t have much arm hair and I’m afraid of infections and ingrown hair down below. I don’t think there is anything wrong with body hair, but I don’t find anything wrong with shaving or waxing either. anyone who judges you for doing what you want with your body doesn’t deserve your approval in the beginning. good luck!

  • Garner

    Less jungle.. more clean.. more fresh 🙂

    • Been Benuane

      More rashes…

  • Muunchyld

    Personally, I think if you own a razor, you have no reason not to shave. I have been shaving my legs, underarms, and vag since I first had anything down there. Why? Think about this. How gross would it be to get your period, and have blood stick in the hair, or excess urine, and to walk down a hallway, and wonder why you have people accusing you of smelling like a dead fish? I know, because I’ve walked by that girl before, and its hard not to cring. Not to mention, my boyfriend finds it extremely sexy that i shave, and if you have a boyfriend you actually care about, why wouldnt you want to be as femininlu sexy as possible? We live in a day and age where if you have the money to take care of yourself, why not do so? And why not top off all the other girls, so your bf never thinks twice about dating you? Just putting that out there.

    • SOME GUY

      Muunchyld, first your argument filled with a bunch of rhetoric. People using the reasoning that having pubic hair is somehow unclean and unhealthy are spreading one of the biggest modern day myths. Any smells coming from a vagina are coming from the vagina itself and not from the pubic hair. Are you assuming that all women with pubic hair will smell bad? Wrong, most know how to clean themselves. The person you stood next to you probably didn’t have a clue about hygiene.

      I’m not telling you not to shave. If it makes you happy then do it, but do not assume that all of Earth’s 3.5 billion men find it sexy and feminine just because your boyfriend, who has pedophile tendencies, does. Not every man wants a bald vagina.

  • Noname

    finally some one gets why i don’t shave! no legs, no arms/under arms, no pubes! no shave no wax no tweezers.

  • rc2020

    Let it Grow!

  • indianchick323

    This article is RIDICULOUS because she says don’t shave for anyone but yourself, and yet she tells us how she started shaving because she was teased mercilessly. That’s shaving for someone else. Now when she thinks about it, after 13 years, the healthy thing to do would be to get over it and accept that some people, esp. grade-school kids are going to have hurtful opinions no matter what and YOU SHOULDN’T CARE what they think. This is making it seem like it’s okay to never get over your grade school insecurities. If she had said, “Now I don’t mind having hair, but I’m more physically comfortable…” or “I’m no longer insecure about my hair, but I like the way I look shaved..” or SOMETHING other than reverting back to the fifth grade! GOD this website used to be so much better when I was 14.

    • Mace

      My thoughts exactly, nice response to her supposed denial of shaving for anyone but herself.

  • Ana

    personally, i shave my underarms and pubes. no legs or arms. i always wear tshirts nd shorts, and am not sexually active, so i get how this might seem weird; but i just don’t like hair in those two spots.

    • Amy

      I get what you mean, I can’t go a day without shaving under my arms but I’ll leave my legs for months. For me though, it’s probably because I’m ginger which means my underarm hair grows the same colour as my head but my legs and eyebrows are blonde and not very noticeable so my legs don’t bother me as much.

  • Carrie

    How to solve the time issue? Laser hair removal. Totally worth it – I do upper lip, chin, underarms and Brazilian. Never have to think about it. THAT is Blissful!

  • nmpn7

    I think it is a choice but I like to wax because it keeps the hair gone longer then shaving but I also tweeze my hair down there because it lasts even longer. Yes, it is a long process but for me it is worth it. No, I will never stop I don’t feel very feminine with body hair meaning under arms, legs or pubes.

  • Faith

    I agree with Rosemary… But, whatever. Do what makes you feel comfortable. 🙂
    Here in Italy it’s pretty common to have dark hair everywhere, unless you’re and about half the girls in my year don’t bother shaving their arms. I personally dislike having body hair so I shave everywhere. Brazilian wax sounds much less time consuming than shaving so I think I’ll try it. 😛

    • Faith

      *unless you’re very blonde

      • Jasmine

        Well, I am Italian and since I was in 5th grade I started shaving and waxing.
        I just don’t get why girls in my school year don’t shave or wax certain parts of their bodies. In my opinion it’s not feminine. But obviously prefer keeping opinion to myself, because everyone is free to do what they want with their body.
        I think I was influenced by the Californians because out there everyone needs to be perfect. I just shave because I find hair disturbing.
        If you live in Italy I’m sure you know that girls don’t really care about shaving, but care a lot more in fashion.

  • Rosemary

    Oh, the irony. You say you’re not doing it for anyone but yourself, but if those kids had never made fun of you, you wouldn’t be uncomfortable with your body hair. But because they did, you are unconsciously doing it to get them off your back, to get them to stop bullying you, to conform to their ideals to fit in.

    • Noah

      Spot on.

      No one should feel bad about body hair, period. As a guy, I find nothing strange about a woman with hair on her legs, etc… seriously. It’s not gross/abnormal.

    • indianchick323


  • Maddie