8 Pairs Of Nerdy Underwear That We Love

I have a really extensive collection of underwear. You’re always going to need so I always find myself getting more of it. It’s also like a big secret because unless you’re showing someone, your underwear is pretty much just for you. No one knows if you’re walking around with cupcakes on your underwear or not.

You all know that I’m a not-so-closeted nerd. I live for Harry Potter, I play video games and I really enjoy comics. Everyone is talking about the new Pokemon game (I’m dying to play). Some people are taking it to a whole new level, like under your clothes. Artist Sarah Seymour created some super cute Pokemon underwear that actually transform you into a character. You could walk around with Charizard’s tail!

It inspired me to find other nerdy underwear, and I was not disappointed. Check out these awesome pairs of nerdy underwear that we’re craving:

Pikachu Underwear

Sarah Seymour sells her Pokemon underwear out of her Etsy shop, Maker's Way. It looks like the internet has caused her to sell out though so hopefully they'll be back in stock soon.

Buy them here for $20.00

Tetris Underwear

You really can't go wrong with a classic like Tetris. Stock up on these until the Pokemon underwear comes back.

Buy them here for $19.62

Zelda Link Underwear

I don't know why you wouldn't want an 8-bit Link pattern for your lady-bits. These are so cute.

Buy them here for $18.99

Original Nintendo Controller Underwear

You can now celebrate Throwback Thursday with your underwear by getting into this pair featuring an original Nintendo D-Pad controller. Vintage!

Buy them here for $20.20

Batman Underwear

Who knew Batman could be so pretty? The lace and bow details on this pair are just so cute.

Buy them here for $28.95

Robin Underwear

Oh but wait! Why wear Batman underwear when you can BE Robin? This pair comes with a detachable cape. A CAPE!

Buy them here for $9.50

Wonder Woman Underwear

Or you could even do one better and wear this amazing pair of Wonder Woman underwear. It has a blue star cape on the butt.

Buy them here for $18.99

Harry Potter 3-Pack Underwear

I solemnly swear I want to buy these. This store also has some other Harry Potter sets as well. BRB going to Gringott's to clean out my bank account.

Buy them here for $30.00

What is your favorite pair above? Do you have any nerdy underwear? If you could make underwear for your favorite franchise or game, what would it be? Tell us in the comments!

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