15 Selfies Of Your Favorite ’90s Stars All Grown Up

I’m a fan of words, being a writer and all, so I get really excited when new words are added to the dictionary. As someone who makes up a lot of words, I kind of live for the day that a word I invented becomes a “real” word by dictionary standards. Every year, some head honcho-type wordsmiths come together and figure out which word gets the honor of Word of the Year.

I was stoked to find out that Oxford Dictionaries had announced their choice for the 2013 Word of the Year. In a shocking unanimous decision, the word committee (that’s the official title I gave them) named “selfie” as this year’s victor. Congratulations, “selfie”! The odds were definitely in your favor. Seriously, Oxford Dictionaries said “Selfie was the runaway winner.”

And it turns out you don’t have to be new to win Word of the Year, “Our Word of the Year need not be a new word. However, it does need to demonstrate some kind of prominence over the preceding year or so and selfie certainly fits the bill. It seems like everyone who is anyone has posted a selfie somewhere on the Internet.” We’re aware of how prominent selfie is in our vocabulary these days. I mean, we’ve done a lot of posts on selfies.

So to celebrate this joyous occasion, we’ve wrangled some awesome selfies from your favorite ’90s stars…all grown up! Post a selfie today to join the celebration!

What’s your favorite selfie from above? What do you think about selfie being the Word of the Year? Do you take selfies? Tell us in the comments!

I bet you didn’t know these co-stars dated.

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