7 Of The Scary Negative Side Effects Of The Birth Control Pill

If you’ve ever read this website, then you know that it’s pretty obvious that we’re very pro birth control, especially when it comes to the pill. Birth control pills are very effective in preventing pregnancy, allowing you to have safer sex without all of the worrying involved. The pill also does some other positive things, like clearing up acne, making cramps less painful and regulating your period.

But while all of these things are great, even we have to admit that the birth control pill is far from perfect (like most medications out there). It can a long time to find a pill that works right for your body (I’m still searching!) and it can also be expensive to get them on a monthly basis. But forget those things – the birth control pill can also come with some pretty scary side effects. Studies come out all the time highlighting these negative side effects and while it’s difficult to know whether they’re true or not, it’s definitely important to keep yourself informed.

Here are 7 of the scariest side effects of the birth control pill – although please don’t let these keep you from having safe sex. There are different forms of birth control and if the pill isn’t an option for you, you should give something else a try.

Do you take the birth control pill? Have you ever dealt with some negative side effects from it? What happened? Tell us in the comments.


8 facts about the birth control pill you need to know

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  • Anon

    No, the pill doesn’t “make you gay.” Essentially, the pill is a synthetic hormone you take to trick your body into thinking it’s pregnant. When to are not pregnant, whether you are aware of it or not, your body is trying to attract/find a mate to produce healthy offspring with. Your body, along with everyone else’s releases pheromones. Because healthy offspring depend on genetic variety, the more a man’s genes and immune system differ from yours, the more attractive he will be to you. This is why you can meet a guy who is very attractive and compatible with you, but you “only think of him as a friend.” This is because his pheromones are letting your body know that you are genetically “too similar” to produce wealthy offspring.
    When you are on birth control, your body thinks it’s pregnant. It is no longer seeking a mate. Instead you seek “caretakers” men like your brother/father/baby daddy. Supposedly, this is because men will “protect” another human that shares their genes. When you’re on birth control, your body thinks it’s pregnant and behaves the same way. Many women who meet their husbands while their on birth control cannot “recognize” them when they decide to stop taking it.
    So yes. There is evidence suggesting that birth control affects mate selection.

  • Sarah

    That last one doesn’t mean turning gay. More like if you used to be attracted to clean-cut, blonde guys, maybe then you’ll be more attracted to scruffier brunettes, for example.

  • Bethany

    The pill gave me massive mood swings and I felt like crap all the time. It’s like I was fatigued 24/7. I just take anti-inflammatory now to keep my period regulated.

  • Parker_14

    oh wow, im on the pill and it kinda made me gay wow

  • Lindsay

    Omg birth control made me gay!?