20 Moments From Skins That Changed My Life

Oh, Skins.

I’ve mentioned my love for this British teen drama before, but I don’t think anyone really realizes just how obsessed I was with this show. I watched this show from the very start, in spring of 2007, back when I could only watch it in not-so-great quality on YouTube, split into a bunch of 10-minute segments. Sure, Skins was often over the top, plot lines were exhausted and some things just didn’t really make sense–and yes, some episodes felt more like an American Apparel ad turned into a TV show–but there were enough things I loved about it to prevent it from fitting into the guilty pleasure category.

Skins is formative to me because it is one of the few TV shows that actually depicted teenagers in a way that didn’t feel overly safe or artificial. The actors were actually, you know, not 25-year-olds playing 16-year-olds, the characters cursed and did a lot of raucous things that teenagers do and it was pretty funny when it wasn’t ripping my heart out and stomping all over it.

There are so many seasons of Skins with so many different characters and plots that it is hard to narrow down the moments from this show that made a huge impact on me, but I’ll try my best! Here are 10 moments from Skins that changed my life.


What did you like or dislike the most about Skins? Which deaths still make you want to roll on the floor and cry? Which pairings make you want to vom? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Harrie

    Also, Panda was rather brainy, she just lacked common sense and was a very awkward girl, she even mentioned that she took “Secret” history classes and exams.

  • Harrie

    Just so you know in Season 7, Cook avenging Freddie’s murder is explained, he did kill the man and has been running from it ever since.