10 Tips On How To Make Your Friend With Benefits Your Boyfriend

I’ve never kept it a secret that I think friends with benefits type relationships are a horrible idea. When they start off, they sound great – you have someone to hang out and hook up with when you feel like getting frisky, but you don’t have the obligations of a relationship to deal with. Who wouldn’t want something as light and easy as that?

The problem with friends with benefits is that everyone thinks they can handle it, but the majority of people cannot. Once you start having an intimate relationship with someone you like (and obviously you like them if you’re hooking up with them, I don’t care what you say), it’s natural to eventually start to want something more serious. It happens all the time. Since most girls go into a FWB swearing up and down that they won’t get attached, they freak out when they do get attached and sometimes end up doing the wrong thing.

Truthfully, it’s really, really difficult to make your friends with benefits your boyfriend. In most cases, I think it’s impossible. Once a guy sees that he can get what he wants without having to really do anything back for you, it’s hard for him to change the way he sees the relationship he has with you. However, there are some people out there that swear that it can happen. If you’ve recently fallen head over heels for your friend with benefits, here are 10 tips that might make him your boyfriend. Good luck!

Have you ever had a friend with benefits? Did you fall for him? Have you ever made a FWB into your boyfriend? How did you do it? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. avatarkayla says:

    im in one right now its hard I dont want to lose him for good but I cant just not know idk its hard

  2. avatarRhonda says:

    I work with my fwb. He’s a manager and I’m a clerk. He’s very successful, great looking and a perfect 10 in bed and all around. He’s sincere and has introduced me to his daughter, to which he says he doesn’t do with just anyone. One problem, I’ve come to recently find out he very much so has a gf. I’ve never been the other woman, but soon after I had an opinion on the matter it’s like I shouldn’t flatter myself enough to say I’m a rebound. Cheap. I know. We still play around. We’re both satisfied. He’s unhappy in a relationship and I think I want a relationship; just don’t know where the hell to start. Should I even try with this guy? It’s challenge I know, I haven’t been in a serious relationship in a long time, it’s been strictly fwb for about 3yrs now with a couple people and none have made me feel this way. Or could it be that i should just pick up another hobby lol.

  3. avatarMichelle says:

    We worked together and neither of us wanted a serious relationship so we agreed on FWB. We also agreed to be roommates (terrible idea). Shortly after we started our FWB relationship, we were each dating other people, but we both felt compelled to lie as not to hurt the other persons’ feelings. After about 6 months we began arguing A LOT and jealous of each other. I finally took a stand and told him that I had feelings for him and it wasn’t fair to either of us to continue the way we had been. I told him I was moving out and started packing my things. I didn’t get one box packed, when he told me he couldn’t let me go, that he also had feelings for me and he no longer wanted to date anyone else. That was 5 1/2 years ago and we are now engaged to be married next Spring.

  4. avatarFaith says:

    Hey so I’m only 16 and i met this guy who was 18 he is cool and cute and sweet and funny but he sleeps around with a lot of girls. A week after we met we agreed to just hook up and not catch feelings but i think i like him. He’s sending mixed signals though. He calls me Baby and Babe and we text a lot (not as much anymore cause he’s a couple hours away working for the summer) and he has kissed me infront of our friends before too. He acts like he really cares about me but he will randomly ignore me sometimes. And sometimes after sex he just takes me home and we don’t just hangout or talk as much anymore. Its becoming less and less and just sex. How can i fix this? And how can i get him to actually like me?

    • avatarxoxo says:

      Ive had this too! Im 16 and hes just gone 18! We’ve been friends for 3years and he had a thing for me before i did for him, we’ve been intimate for just over a year now and we tend to hang out for long periods of time, I’ll stop at his house if we’re going to have sex but he sends mixed signals, sometimes he acts like we’re a couple, he kisses me in public and holds hands, before we even slept together he told people we we’re in a relationship even though we wasn’t, then randomly he wont reply to my texts or calls! Recently we agreed not to sleep with each other anymore because he wasn’t interested in anything more than friends and i was confused with our relationship! We haven’t seen each other since but he text me asking to meet up and go for walks and to see his house because he decorated and stuff, he started been even nicer over text saying he was looking forward to seeing me and ending conversations with ‘much love’ this just confuses me more! I dont think boys understand what theyre doing but if he says he doesn’t want a serious relationship then i wouldn’t even bother continuing ! It just ends up in heartbreak! Hes hurt me so many times and fails to see how because in his mind we are just friends! Sex doesn’t change that for boys! FWB is a BAD idea!!

  5. avatarAndrew says:

    Ok, I know I’m a guy commenting on a girl’s forum, but I would greatly appreciate ypur help.
    I’ve been in a FWB relationship with a woman I’ve known for over a year. It started out with me just wanting to get her out of the house after I learned of her divorce. After the 3rd time out, we started holding hands. When I dropped her off at her house, she told meshe was attracted to me, and I shared my mutual feelings. Along with her letting me know she doesn’t know where she was at with anything because of her being emotionally numb as a result of her f’d up ex. We reaffirmed our mutual feelings for eachother. We then shared an extremely long passionate kiss. We made love the next week. Then she told me she just wanted to be FWB, which broke my heart, because I really care about her. But I agreed (again, I really like this girl, more than just sex. I care for her deeply. I even made her chicken soup from scratch when she was sick). I want to share with her my feelings. I can’t have sex with someone where the love isn’t mutual. I am at a loss. We click on ALL levels but the important emotional level. Please help! I welcome your advice. Thank you.

    • avatarAndrew says:

      Just to clarify, I’ve known her for a year, the FWB has only been for about a month.

    • avataremmie says:

      Casually talk about your life and ask about hers. Start with something small like who is your favorite super hero to stuff like where did she go to school,what does she want in the future. Just to make conversation she’ll start to get more and more comfortable talking to you. and tell her she’s beautiful. Maybe even take her to see the fault in our stars. Thats what im doing with my fwb. He’s been burned a lot in the past and I just want him to show how amazing it is to fall in love and have someone. Just remind him how awesome relationships can be. I hope it works. My couple friends have treated each other a lot better after that movie

  6. avatarLisa says:

    Im in my 40′s now and i have a really good friend that is cousin’s with my ex and we recently started being FWB, have known each other for over 10 yrs, but recently i have started to have feelings for him, and told him today about it and told him don’t want anything to ruin our friendship, not sure how he feels but he doesn’t want anything to ruin our friendship either cause we do have alot of fun together and not just in the bedroom.Guess we will see how things go

  7. avatarNA says:

    & I know she is not faithful to him although he was… Then the FWB started … I was as if am his wife I used to b with him every sec … I know his bro friend everything. He have done thing with me non of the girls he have known before done it with him… I lived with him and his friend and brother as well. Then,

  8. avatarNA says:

    I know exactly what u mean am international student I met my fWb while am studying my master, at the beginning we were best friend ever. Then he got in relationship with my best girl friend

  9. avatarJanice says:

    I’ve just started a FWB relationship with someone over a week ago, and I’m not sure where it’s going at this point. We’ve been enjoying each other almost everyday until a few days ago. Now he barely responds to my texts and seems to have lost interest.

    I don’t expect that he would fall in love with me or anything within the span of a few days, but I’m confused as to why we went from meeting in the middle of a work day for a hookup (and almost every night previously), to being standoffish. I’m confused and not sure what to say to him at this point. I’m hoping that it isn’t already over, but maybe I should just be patient?

  10. avatarRoz says:

    Ok, he says we’re fwb but we go out to eat. He spends the night with me and my kids, we cook together, he even babysits my kids while I work sometimes. Me him and his mom have meals together and we joined the gym together. I say he my man, he say I’m crazy! Maybe I am. Smh

  11. avatarAustin says:

    I really actually noticed this with my Fwb it’s kinda hard to see through it tho because she’s in a relationship….

  12. avatarWade says:

    “Once a guy sees that he can get what he wants without having to really do anything back for you, it’s hard for him to change the way he sees the relationship he has with you.”

    OR…. It could be that he got into a friends-with-benefits relationship because he… wanted a friends-with-benefits relationship, and doesn’t feel that way about you? No, it must be that the guy is taking advantage, as always.

  13. avatarTrish says:

    It was a great help…and how can i say no to him just….ugh lol but i’ll do my best. And well…i hope it works. I’ve looked up so much advice.. soooo much. And i’m going to try and make it work. Nothing is impossible right?

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  15. avatarJenny says:

    In September, I turned one of my best guy friends I’d known for years into a FWB. It was great at first, we’d hook up all the time and send flirty/sexy texts. We even acted like a couple in front of our mutual friends. In a few months, I fell head over heels for him, but he didn’t feel the same. I was so shocked at first, because he made it seem like he was completely in love with me, but I guess he was just a really great actor. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done anything. Now we’re just friends (again), and we still text eachother everyday and still hang out (I mean like, JUST hang out as JUST friends) sometimes.

    • avatarHaleifh says:

      This is my exact situation but i haven/t gone so far as to tell him i like him but i know he doesn’t like me back. im confused on weather to tell him and let it all go or just ignore my feelings and enjoy the moments we spend together?

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