Can Guys Tell If You’re A Virgin?

Hi Heather,

Can guys tell if you’re a virgin? I’m 18-years-old and I’ve never had sex and I feel really self-conscious about it. I’ve heard that a lot of guys don’t want to hook up with or date virgins because they think they’ll get too attached. I know I don’t have to tell anyone I’m a virgin, but will they be able to figure it out on their own? Help!

If you mean can a guy tell you’re a virgin just by looking at you or hearing you speak, then the answer is no. Having sex won’t make you look any differently then before. Don’t worry, there are no virgin vibes coming off of you and dudes aren’t superheros who can sense which girls haven’t had sex yet.

However, if you’re asking if guys will be able to tell you’re a virgin once you start fooling around, the answer is… maybe, especially if you guys try to have sex. When you’re a virgin, things are a lot tighter down there and so having sex for the first time can be a little difficult and a little painful. Plus, the first time you have sex, your hymen may break, causing a little bit of blood down there. This doesn’t always happen though – some people have their hymen break before then and so they don’t bleed their first time.

The main way a guy you’re hooking up with will be able to tell if you’re a virgin or not is the degree of tightness and a sense of inexperience. For example, if you’re really nervous about your first time, he might be able to tell that you’re freaked out – and if you also seem unsure of what to do, he might pick up on the fact that you’ve never had sex before. It’s not easy to fake sexual experience and I wouldn’t encourage it because that will just make you tense and less able to enjoy what’s happening.

But you know what? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin! You have nothing to feel self-conscious about. You’re right, you don’t have to reveal your v-card status to any dudes, but I would encourage you to be honest anyway. What if you lie and then end up in a serious relationship with that person? They’re going to feel seriously betrayed. Being honest about your virginity can potentially make the experience a lot better for you. And if a guy is going to stop talking to you because of it, he’s not worth it and you shouldn’t be having sex with him anyway.

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  • Angela Chapman


    I’m a 32 yr old girl who’s only slept with 2 guy’s my whole entire life. I’m picky with the guy’s I sleep with, and I’m also resentful when a guy dumps me, and sleeps with me/ using me for sex and treating me poorly. It takes years, and months.. to sleep with a guy. I have to feel comfortable with a guy, and I have to get to know his ” mind”. In my past.. I had a one night stand, and I felt disgusting, and dirty. I knew nothing about him,and was worried about him being a ” drug” addict, or having an std and knew nothing about him. I found out he had a girlfriend, and was in a open relationship, and I didn’t approve of it. Instead.. I wanted to get ” OUT” of it. I had no car, and I met him online in a ” chatroom’, and his name was Justin. I was looking for comfort, and a boyfriend. Not a piece of ” ass”. It turned out.. his father was a cop, and his friends were drug addicts. Sure, enough. I was kinda drugged with some kind of weed/ cocaine mixed in with a Mountain Dew can. He took advantage of my body, and slept with me while people are watching us to have sex. I didn’t like the abuse, and the treatment to be used as a sex toy. After.. I was stuck with him, and not knowing how to drive, and being vulnerable. My father made it easy for me to be Dependent on other people, and not be independent.. in taking care of myself.

    I begged Justin to take me home, and he kept me hostage with him, brought me over to his girlfriend house and people ridiculing me, and harassing me calling me a ” whore” and degrading me. He told me he was in a open relationship, and didn’t like me. He just wanted to use me for sex. Finally he dropped me off at home, and I never saw him again. After.. that I never slept with a guy, and have a ” hate” towards men.

    I believe that “NO” guy has the Patience, and respect for women, and treats all women like ” shit”. At least the one’s I’ve been attracted to, and have seriously mental, and physical problems with them self. Since.. I come from a Loving, and needy and conservative background. I never grew around other people, and only saw the GOOD in people, and not the BAD in the world. Because I’m not experienced in life, and is a late bloomer in life. I only know from what my parents teach me, and my over protective sibilings.

    My sister, and I are the Needy and attached type. I don’t believe in sleeping around, and I don’t like.. guy’s touching me.. or trying to hit on me. People say I’m a flirt, and I’m not. I’m just the joking around type.

    The first guy I slept with was at the age 6 to 17 yrs old. His name was Chuck, and I was told I should’ve waited a little longer, and to go slow with him. She said I wouldn’t have a resentment, and anger towards men.. if I waitied a little longer with having sex with him. After.. that Trauma, and being used. And my unsuccessful short- lived.. ” rebound” relationships. I never found a guy who was devoted to me, and loyal to me without being ” used” as something towards them. Meaning using me for the benefit of ” money”, sex and using my ” heart of gold”.

    My ex boyfriend Mike told.. me he has a problem, and that’s my Mind. He doesn’t like my ” heart of gold” and that he’s in a open marriage. I however am Old fashioned, and I believe in a loyal relationship.. at least between being with someone that’s commited to me.

    All of my relationships have lasted for 2 weeks, and having low self esteem due to my ex boyfriends hitting on my ex friends, and sleeping with them or telling me things I don’t want to hear.

    My longest relationship my ex turned gay, and is into mexican ” gay” guys. When I got out of high school.. I’ve been ” locked” inside a ” heart shape box” that’s ” owned” by my lazy father who neglected me, and doesn’t want me to grow in life or taught me how to drive.

    I ended up easily being ” used” by people.. for my clothes, money, and looks. Guy’s just want to fool around with me, and use me for sex. Friends betrayed me, and seem threaten by my looks, and want to compete with me. X friends.. are narcasttic, and used me… as a piggy bank.

    They knew I was dependent.. on them for car rides, and to go out and do things. They never wanted to do things for me, it was always about them self.

    This is where my ” heart of gold” takes place. I have been nothing but a punching bag, and people taking it’s problems out on me.

    It’s just bad luck.. every single day of my life.

    After.. chuck gave me my resentment, and never said sorry to me. He now… said sorry to me, and this was a couple weeks ago. He didn’t realize.. how he affected me, and was only concern about his feelings, and not hurting other people in the act.

    He bought my stuff, and it’s not about that. It’s just all we ever did was make out, and I’m the sensual devoted, and loyal type.

    I’m not the breaking down type. My immune system has already broken down, and I’m at that stage where I’m pessmistic, and I don’t trust or like guys at all.

    I don’t believe a guy can ” commit” and I don’t believe.. there’s such thing as old fashioned people. I also have a disabiltiy, and a one track mind.. which makes me stuck, and needy on my parents.

    Plus.. I know I can trust them for ” money” when I am broke, and wasting my money on acceptance, and wanting people to like me for the ” good” of my heart of gold.

    While growing up I was teased, and my parents ” hitting” me, and physically abusing us ” kids”. It made me ” vulnerable” and afraid of “people” . I don’t trust people… because I keep getting rejected, and heart broken by people.

    I don’t like people talking to me.. while it’s negative,and rude comments towards me.

    Elemenarty school I was teased. Middle school I was teased. High school I was teased, and I’m still getting picked on.

    I told myself the next guy I sleep with is someone I’m going to go ” slow” with, and actually loves me for my mind, and not my body. He isn’t trying to use me for sex, and when I do have sex.. he’s not going to leave me, and abuse me as a sex toy.

    I just haven’t found that guy yet. That’s why I’m looking, and waiting for my soulmate. I’m having problems with guy’s scratching me, and clawing me up and being straight up ” shady” towards me.

    I’m to precious, and soft and gentle.. who’s very weak.. from constantly being a ” thrill” of entertainment.. of watching me getting bullied over, and over again.. by people.

    That’s why I just stopped caring, and it’s not good for my brain or my heart. Right now my brain is shutting down.. from mental strain, and abuse. I’m having grief in my heart from.. being betrayed, and screwing with my feelings.

    I won’t kill myself because.. that’s what people want me to do. I think about how it affects my mother, and all the loved ones that have died on her side of the family, and how I don’t want her to have a heart attack.. from losing her daughter.

    I find it ” selfish” to kill myself while I’m very loved, and how it affects everyone else that does love me, and knows me.. on a personal level.

    I think about how it would affect by sibilings, and my father and.. people on my mother and father’s side who are my real family.

    I do not wish to harm myself, and harm other people. I’m not desperate, and I know that there’s a guy in my life who is my soul mate, and I already had my destiny read to me.

    I couldn’t care a less of how bad or mad.. a guy is, what fornification, and open and issues he has. Those issues.. aren’t my issues to deal with. I refuse to be dragged down into other people’s problems.

    It’s not my problem.

    I just won’t go crazy.

    I already know what I need in a guy, and I’ve already been in therapy before. Joyce told me.. you haven’t found the ” right” guy that makes you happy, and to turn that resentment away. That’s all.

    She say’s you’re sitting her telling me about all these people with problems, and taking it’s frustration and problems out on you. I am sorry… I wish I can get rid of the bullies, but I can’t. That’s just something ” karma” has to come into play.

    She say’s are discussions are ” quiet” and you have nothing to say. All you’re doing is Bitching, and complaining about people.. who don’t like you, and don’t have a big heart like you.

    You just haven’t found people with a good personality, and actually respects you/ likes you.

    Once again.. this isn’t your problem. They’re the ones that have an issue, and need to be seeked into.. therapy. They have been broken in the past by some ex lover, and family issues and are taking it’s frustration out on you.

    An she say’s you’re right. You’re not those ex’s ex girlfriend. Just like.. you have a pessmistic view.. to new guy’s being similar to your ex’s. Which.. is wrong to say.. because if you keep locking yourself up, you’ll never find a committed relationship at all.

    But, like.. I said.. someone is messing with your mind, and making you go crazy and laughing about it. He’s just an ” asshole”. SOme people get a rise, and entertainment watching.. people suffer, and in pain.

    Because they can’t figure out it’s own problems.. and don’t know how to get out of it’s problems. You on the other ” hand” don’t have ” problems”. You’re bubbly, and happy an pure.

    You’re bickering about what people are saying,and doing to you. This has nothing to do with you.

    That’s why you shouldn’t care, and should ignore them. She say’s your high blood pressure is bad from people messing with you, and she say’s your health is over all bad.. from mentally abuse/ emotional abuse.

    Once.. again.. she say’s I don’t need therapy. Not unless it’s someone dear to you that you’ve lost, and was closed to on a personal connection.

    But.. as far as bullying goes. She say’s I need to create, and have at least one friend to keep your mind off things, and not worry about what other people think.

    Because it’s a ” reaction” to piss you off. You’re overly sensitive. You want people to be ” KIND” and ” LIKE” you. That’s not how it works.. in a ” cruel” world, and also depending on who you open up to.

    Not everyone is going to ” LIKE” you. Due to it’s issues, and stuff you don’t even know about them. They have self esteem issues. But they use it more in a negative way, and you.. you’re able to let go of things ” hurting” you.

    You’re happy, and optimistic about life. You know.. that there’s someone for everyone, and that you’re happy. You know that rejection happens, and it’s a part of life. However. You’re happy.. because you know that there’s someone better for you. You know that friends come, go and to be nice to people.. because some people will accept you, and want your friendship. An you know.. that there’s no reason to treat people ” mean” even if it’s not the ” one”. Because.. you know.. that their is the ONE.. that will come into your future, and life.. and it’s using you for sex, and your eyes.

    It’s not easy to find loyal friends, and a loyal dependable lover. That takes time.. Just because it’s a Virgo doesn’t mean it’s my ex.

    I also don’t need people to tell me.. about Jason from Sum-41 not liking me. I wish people would listen to me, and stop harassing me about him. People need to stop telling me. ” He isn’t looking” and it’s Stephanie Ballenger.

    He’s screwing her, and mustard her. Stephanie.. Ballenger.. is a whore, and is my ex friend. I don’t like her, and I don’t respect her or anyone that’s connected to her.

    I don’t need to hear about him being a whore, and sleeping around and having a girlfriend, and being in a open relationship, and telling me to be ” quiet”. Telling me he has a girlfriend IN new York, and saying he has blue eyes. Then saying I’m a one stand, and screwing.. Jaque, and Coley and.. Stephanie.

    Then people harassing me, telling me to go to school to do ” hair”. Harassing me, and telling me he ” rejected” me. I’ve never even Talked to Jason before in my whole entire life. I don’t need to ” SHUT my MOUTH”.

    I have Joslyn is first grade or middle school friend.. harassing me about Jason, and she’s not listening to my feelings or my words. I just said… I don’t care about Cone from Sum- 41, and to stop calling me a Sumo Wrestleer, and being Jealous of my Face and my genetic handout in life.

    I’m very sick and tired.. of Joslyn wanting Jason’s SUn, and saying she’s very sorry about it. I’m also not Friends with Jason, and I don’t want to have a connection with him. It’s a Sea Goat.

    I never Asked Jason out, and you’re not listening to me. I said.. my soulmate is ” I communicate – To I Express”. I keep hearing people in California in some House.. just fucking with my head because i’m clairaudient.

    First they say.. he likes me, and he’s my boyfriend and then I hear he hates me, and I have a potty mouth. Then.. I hear shut your ” mouth” about ” CONE” when there’s a psychic medium over at that house who’s fucking with my mind, and reading my mind and trying to make me go crazy.

    1.) Back to basic hearing, listening.

    I don’t know ” Jason” from Sum-41. ” listen”. I was a fan of his, and now I’m not. Stop talking to me about some guy.. I have no connection with.

    2.) I’m not desperate, and I never asked ” JASON” from Sum-41 out. You’re sitting there playing games with his ” clones”, and pretending to be him by wanting a piece of ass, and using the clones to mess with my head. I don’t ask guy’s out. If a guy is interested in me, he’ll find me and ask me out.

    So. I don’t know.. where the rejecting me, and asking out part came from. I have no connection with him. Plus, If I have a resentment… on guy’s. Then.. why would I even give a shit if some guy is screwing other women, and trying to make me upset. He’s not even my boyfriend, and I’m not even interested. You’re harassing me about some guy.. I don’t even have communication with.

    3.) Once.. again.. I’m not going to stalk his biography, and dig into his life. I googled Jason having a girlfriend, and the only thing I got was his ex girlfriend from 2002 who made fun of people that were ” hairy”. I don’t see anything.. about him having a girlfriend now. I also think his ex and him are retarded since that’s what Lazer removal is for.

    You keep saying it’s Stephanie Ballenger. I don’t even know how to Spell stephanie Ballenger’s last name. I’m not even on facebook, and I don’t care to google her or interested in knowing what she’s about. I’m not jealous or obsessed with Stephanie. Sorry. Watch it.

    I don’t care if he’s crying. I didn’t Hex him. He Hex himself.. by being nasty, and being malicious towards me. You shouldn’t even be competing with me. Glad to know you fucked my ex friend. The fat.. ugly butter face girl I grew up with that’s an old child hood friend.

    Sorry.. the only connection, and friend I have is Jenny Bewtou who’s loyal and not screwing my crushes, boyfriends or ex’s.

    Sorry.. he’s a hater, and he slept with her. Why would I want to date someone who’s disloyal, and not loyal to me. I don’t believe in revenge, and hurting people. But it doesn’t matter anyways.. because she’s Eww.. and he’s not even my boyfriend.

    Just someone from my past, and I want no connection with her or any of this Bitching anymore. These problems.. aren’t my problems. I do care about hurting someone’s reptuation, and life.

    That’s why I don’t provoke, and cause problems. I only say nice things about people, and when I’m angry.. I’m express it and let people know who provoked it, and has the serious issues.

    Those people are serious ” monsters”. You’re Evil. I’m pure. That’s why I’m very good. I don’t want anything bad happening to me.

    I don’t want herpes, and an std and I don’t want an unwanted baby by someone.. who’s not loyal and the spiteful type. I want it with someone I ” love”.

    God Bless.

  • jgs350

    Let me tell you of my experience. I had saved my virginity and gave it to my husband. I thought saving myself was important to. I had told him also several times I was a virgin as we were dating. I was 19 when we married in 5-21-1982. But I had pushed guys away when I was dating prior to my husband when they got frisky as they scared me when they tried to “push the limits” and go to far. Farther than I was comfortable with, in a sexual matter, because I was purposely saving myself for marriage because I was deliberately saving myself!

    I had told him many, many times. I don’t know if he was deliberately ignoring me or what. But I just recently found out this week he really didn’t believe me! This comes as a deep shock to me, and a deep wound because this was a really big deal to me! I didn’t save myself for nothing! And for him to push it aside like that really hurts me! And to start our relationship off with him thinking and judging me as a liar and a faker has put me in a position of being untrustworthiness, lying and deceitful which didn’t give our marriage a fair start in the beginning. Had he told me he didn’t believe me in the 1st place, I could have made a better informed decision if I wanted to continue the relationship or not! I had put my total trust in him for my 1st experience.
    I thought I was ready, but apparently I wasn’t. I thought HE KNEW what he was doing, with a virgin and everything! HE SAID because HE never dealt with any virgins before in HIS experience, as therefore they were “RARE” because he was use to “LOOSE, WELL RIDDEN, WELL WORN WOMEN” therefore I must be the same way I guess! Infuriating to be prejudged that way!! If he had doubts about my virginity he should have spoken up BEFORE our engagement and well before our 1st time!!

    But he said our 1st time was not a pleasant experience for him!!! Well how does he think it felt for me!!! I told him often enough I was a virgin!! So DUH!! I NEVER had sex before!!! Was he that dumb to think it wasn’t going to hurt like hell! It hurt really bad because 1st of all he had to try several times to try to get the darn thing to go in, and I really swear I didn’t think it would and I was getting scared and panicking. When it did there was searing pain then I felt blood. I jumped up out of bed crying, well because it hurt like hell! I thought because I had TOLD HIM REPEATEDLY many times before that he KNEW what he was doing (but now 8-20-15 revelation he accuses me of lying and faking) and DIDN’T know, so therefore I ruined it FOR HIM!!!!!!! He says NOW, years later, TODAY, if your TENSE IT WON’T GO IT IT’S HARDER AND HURTS, WHEN ASKED CAN’T YOU TELL A VIRGIN FROM A LOOSE, RIDDEN AND WORN WOMAN FROM A VIRGIN!!! REALLY???

    He recalls he thought I was MAD AT HIM for taking it too far!! OMG!! I was in the bathroom cleaning off some blood!! He doesn’t even recall cleaning blood off himself!! I probably should have stayed in the bed and let some blood pool on the sheets and said “THERE, THERE IS PROOF I WAS A VIRGIN ****!” I didn’t know I had to PROVE I was a virgin!! I didn’t know I was silently being accused of LYING and FAKING it until more than 33 years later!!!!!

    Well, had I known ahead of time he thought I was lying about being a virgin in the 1st place, since I was saving myself for the special person to make my husband, as he was already calling me a liar if I had known that ahead of time if he had voiced that maybe I could have made a better informed choice and maybe I could have called off the engagement and not gone through with the marriage. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO START A RELATIONSHIP!!! NO FRICKING WAY!! Our marriage has been on the rocks since I found out he was texting a friend 5 days before our 33rd anniversary wishing how it would have been if he had stayed with a “hot” former ex girlfriend of his instead of marrying me!! Talk about a betrayal and stab in the back! I’m trying to figure out how to come to terms with that and how to overcome it. It’s been a rocky 33 years, a roller coaster of ups and downs.

    I mean why did I save my marriage and give it to this man who all this time thinks I lied and deceived him about my virginity? And all these years he’s accused me of more lies and deceit over more so this no doubt sparked those early flames. This was a big deal to me! And this was no way to start a relationship, especially a marriage. If he felt I was lying about something this important he should have said something in the beginning so I could have made a better decision! A man should have been able to tell an “unused, unexperienced virgin” between a well ridden worn woman, which I was NOT!!! I was really ripped off and cheated in this department. I knew to expect pain, but not to be accused of LYING about it!! MY GOD!! That was too big of a deal for me!! If it didn’t matter to him I would have moved on or went and slept around!!

  • agirl

    okay i don’t get it.. where i live you should be afraid to say that you’re not a virgin not that you are a virgin, there’s nothing wrong to be pure and untouched. if something you should be proud that you are not having sex just because you wanna lose your virginity. and be proud of who you are. it is your decision to be this way and if some guys don’t understand that than they are not for you. :} i would be so proud to tell a guy who i like that i’m a virgin.. being virgin means a lot of things and if u think u should be ashamed of it that’s just wrong…

  • Dennis Chijioke

    Some times in Africa the guys always demand to know if a lady is a vergin because many will not appreciate passing through a lot of stress. Despite her 14year he kenw it was to his advantage to enjoy her.

  • S l

    What if a guy is a 44 year old virgin. Im not bad looking. Every time that I had a chance something got in the way. Be it cockblock, manipulative gold digger, underage is illegal, felt guilty to take a girls virginity or sense wrong situation, no sex with my student and my employees, or too busy working all day. Im afraid to tell my girlfriend that Im a virgin because it seems awkward because she is divorced and she would think I’m a liar. Should I just marry her someday and keep the secret for a long time. I thought about hiring an escort for educational and q & a. So i can be prepared to please her.

    • Kim

      Did you tell her? What happened? Curious to know.

  • Jessica

    I wouldn’t tell anyone I was a virgin. Told one of my best friends that I was one in high school and she told another friend of ours. It wasn’t a big deal-it wasn’t something to hide for me and if my friends knew oh well. Except some guys overheard my friends talking about it and that’s when things went wrong. The next week I came in most of the guys in school knew about it. Which again I wasn’t worried about.

    The responses were interesting to note: some guys who I KNEW never wanted me suddenly “loved” me. I promptly told them to get lost and called them out on their crap. Some guys were really sweet and understood or didn’t make a big deal out of it. I really appreciated those guys. Most others freaked and stayed as far away from me as possible (I was told by one guy that he didn’t want to “taint” me–what? by talking to me? Weird…).

    But then there were quite a few guys who suddenly looked at me like I was a wild horse that needed to be tamed and broken. They’d ask me inappropriate questions, made me feel uncomfortable, and tried to hook up with me. It wasn’t until I had a classmate become a stalker (he’d follow me everywhere) and try to rape me during school that I realized it wasn’t wise to share my v-card status with anyone. It will surprise you when this happens because it’s always people that seem nice or just okay. These mean classmates seemed like decent people before (nerds, athletes, class clowns, etc)–but when they found out about me being a virgin it’s like their sins began oozing out. It was terrifying. I told my friends never to mention it again (they agreed!) and I refused to tell ANYONE ever again. Later I found out that sex slavery is a huge market in America and that virgins sell for more money. Every day women, men, and children (usually ages 6 months to 7 years) are being kidnapped and sold into this industry.

    Ladies and gentlemen, no matter your age, PLEASE do not broadcast your v-card status to people! There is a large market for virgins (men and women and especially children!) in the sex slave industry. America is the third largest nation to partake in it. A creep will kidnap you, and sell you to the highest bidder. Some will just “rent” you. If you get rented you’ll go from person to person–if this happens most pimps will have someone sew you up down there (if you’re a girl) to make it tighter and make the renter think you’re still a virgin. Other people will “buy” you–if this happens you are a in-house slave forced to do whatever your buyer wants. In many cases if your pimp has sewn you up (which is done without proper anesthetics or medical tools/doctors) and a buyer finds out, then the buyer can and probably will beat and/or kill you.

    Stick to your guns about staying a virgin before you’re ready especially when you’re extremely young. Stay a virgin for religious purposes if that’s your goal. Stay a virgin for your husband or wife. But DO NOT go around telling your friends or significant others unless you know for sure you can trust them. What you do with your body is your own business–no one has to know unless you want them to know. That doesn’t mean you should lie and tell people you’re NOT a virgin (that you’ve had sex). That’s wrong, too, and gives off another bad message. Just don’t tell them anything. If they ask, tell them it’s rude to ask such personal questions. Let them know that you will not be sharing such personal information with them. Tell them that it’s your body and what you do with it is your business. People will respect you for saying this and will treat you with more reverence.

    • Anonymous

      You sound crazy. Sex slavers are not going to hunt you down because they heard a rumor you’re a virgin.

  • Esemjay10

    to the way i see it, i think he must have noticed because u were 14, i’d say (to me) you were too young to have sex *gawd!* :-p

    • jazzy

      I agree. He must’ve known she was 14 even tho’ some girls can look a lot older. I think he didnt ask becoz he was enjoyin what he was gettin and I am so sure he enjoyed her been so young.

    • cutecurlybrunette

      well she is 14 and she wanted to do it. I dont think you can tell her that she is too young to have sex. Her choice. May not be yours.

      • Thandiwe

        Ha,i thought it was good 4 her 2 do it.

  • Ruby

    I lost my v-card 2 days ago and when we started fooling around he said “wow, I didn’t know you were a virgin” so obviously when you are in that situation most guys can tell with how tight you are.

  • zoey clare

    I bet guys know even if you dont tell them. When I lost my virginity I didnt tell the guy I was a virgin. He didnt ask either. Even though he kept slipping out trying to penetrate me he didnt ask me if it was my first time. I wanted to do it badly and didnt want to lose this chance to have sex with the most sought after guy. I was 14 and it felt great that he chose me. This guy was in a band and so extremely cool and cute as hell 😛
    He kissed me and made me feel great. Never once did he ask if i was a virgin but I am sure it was obvious to him

    • Rosemary

      Maybe it was obvious to him because you were 14?

      • Shani

        were u awkward and nervous and stuff? He prolly knew even if he didnt ask u. Did he eat u out and stuff? I thnk a guy can very easily tell bout if you r a virgin or not wen he goes down on you becoz its like weird the first time a guy eats you out. so why did he keep slippin out? so did u bleed when he broke yout virginity? I am sure if u were 14, he must’ve known you were a virgin.

    • no nonsense chick

      he liked what he was getting and he was enjoying you and thats why he didnt ask you your age or if you were a virgin.
      Thats cool. Do you masturbate a lot or do you use objects in your vagina? Those things may sometimes allow you to have sex without the usual ‘tightness’ or ” discomfort”
      But I am sure he knew it was your first time when he penetrated you. An experienced guy can easily sense that and while he is penetrating you can work out by the “feel” if you have ever had sex before or not. Like you said he kept slipping out while he was trying to do it.
      I am sure he enjoyed the whole thing so much he didnt want to spoil the moment by asking you if you were a virgin.
      Glad you enjoyed it.

      • chrysalis

        you are rite. If he is experienced he must’ve known u were a virgin but he must’ve been enjoyin it. Not many guys will ask a gurl if she is a virgin or not. It is all to do wit how u react n respond n how u seem when he is doin stuf, like oral n stuf.