15 Sexy Things You Do That Will Turn Him On, According To Reddit

This morning, I saw a thread on Reddit titled, “Hey Reddit, what is the sexiest thing you’ve seen someone do that didn’t involve the removal of clothes? (NSFW)” Since it was Reddit, I immediately assumed the worst: that every answer could be kind of douchey and inappropriate. But guys, I was totally wrong. Most of the answers in this thread were ADORABLE. Like they made me want to run home to my boyfriend and hug him.

A few of you have asked us how to turn a guy on without getting naked. Well, if you’re looking for more answers, here they are. There are tons of ways to get the attention of your crush without taking your clothes off or doing something overtly sexy – and if you didn’t know that by now, let this post convince you. Here are 15 sexy things you can do that will make your crush want to make out with you (or maybe even marry you).

Did you think these things were cute or not? What do guys do that turn you on without them even realizing it? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Jon Allen

    The sexiest thing a woman can do to a man is learn to love his gas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArOGoSxIbFk

  • katy

    So i like this guy at my school and it seams that he like me to but i do not know if he does and i do not what to ask him out if he does not like me so do not what to do!