American Idol Winner Candice Glover Shares Amazing Advice On How To Be Confident

It’s really easy to get self-conscious and feel insecure about every little thing. I spent a long time feeling terrible about myself, whether it was about my nose or my hair or my weight. When we’re being bombarded with images of how we’re “supposed” to look, it is almost effortless for us to pick ourselves apart and tell ourselves that we’re not good enough.

The thing is that we’re all good enough, we’re all beautiful and anything is possible. That’s exactly what Anything Is Possible’s mission is.

Anything Is Possible is a non-profit that provides stories to encourage you to overcome adversity and make your dreams happen, no matter what. The website shares stories from celebrities about what they’ve overcome and has forums where you can discuss issues you’re dealing with.

American Idol winner Candice Glover shares her story about how she overcame her insecurities. She talks about growing up and not feeling as pretty as the other girls. She even discusses dealing with self-confidence issues when she was on American Idol saying, “Being on the show was difficult at times because when we would be in our wardrobe fittings and stuff and I would, being a plus sized girl, I would look at, you know, all the other girls and be like ‘Oh my gosh it’s so easy to dress them’ or ‘It’s so easy for them to find what they’re looking for’ but me being more difficult.”

Despite her own struggles with body image, Candice overcame that and realized that she is beautiful, and so is everyone. Everyone has their own view of what beautiful is, and you have to find what beautiful means to you. Her advice?

Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself that you love a certain feature whether it’s your eyes or hair or ears. She says, “Nobody can really define what beautiful is. If you feel beautiful and you exude that confidence that you know you’re a beautiful human being, then you know, anything is possible.”

Next time you’re feeling down about yourself, take Candice’s advice. Tell yourself you’re beautiful (because you are!) and know that you can do anything.
What do you think about Candice’s advice? What do you do to feel beautiful? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Eva-Elodie

    thank you candice for this wonderful advice. I’ve never had weight problems, but I didn’t feel pretty enough than some girls in my class because I couldn’t fit into skinny jeans, I had brown hair and brown eyes and a small frame because of my Asian descent.

    I support Anything is Possible with all my heart and wish it will become a huge campaign in the future!

  • Sydney Schwartz

    I have always felt I was not pretty and was fat. After hearing Candice’s advise I looked in the mirror and saw things I loved about myself: my long blond hair, my beautiful clear skin. Great advice. Take in the positives & luv yourself for who you are! Thanks Anything Is Possible! XO

  • Jane

    i’ve always had self confidence issues, and luckily i have a really amazing crush who treats me like i’m special and a really great person, so thanks to him i can look in the mirror and see someone i like, which i never used to be able to do.