Quiz: Which Nicktoon Mean Girl Are You?

Which Nicktoon mean girl's personality matches yours? | Source: Rugrats/Nickelodeon

Which Nicktoon mean girl’s personality matches yours? | Source: Rugrats/Nickelodeon

We have a lot of love for cartoon mean girls here at Gurl and nobody did cartoon mean girls better than Nickelodeon. What was great about them is that instead of making them all different incarnations of the same mean girl trope, they were each different in their own way.

So which mean girl are you? Are you more of a surly outsider like Debbie Thornberry? Or are you more of an intimidating gossip like Miranda Killgallen? Take our quiz and find out!



Who is your favorite Nicktoon mean girl? Which grated your nerves? Tell us in the comments!


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