8 Signs You’re A Total Pushover

I have always been a shy girl (as I’ve said before). Throughout middle school and high school, I literally was afraid of saying the word “no.” I never spoke my mind no matter what and so I let a lot of people get away with things they should never have gotten away with. In other words, I was a total pushover for the majority of my life.

Although I’m still shy now, I have fortunately learned how to stop allowing people to walk all over me. I’ve learned how to tell people when they’re making me angry or upset, I’ve learned how to tell dudes how to treat me and how not to treat me and I’ve figured out that confrontation doesn’t always equal huge, dramatic fights. In fact, most of the time, it can be useful. I know that a lot of you girls are just as shy as I once was (and still sometimes am) and so I’m assuming that some of you out there are acting like pushovers when you shouldn’t be – you have a voice and it deserves to be heard! Here are 8 signs you’re a pushover.

Do you think you’re a pushover? Have you ever been a pushover? Which of these signs can you relate to? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Taylor

    Pushover-McGee.com Funny girl, funny blog! I totally relate to her, too

  • Steph

    Yeah, this is me all over minus the friends part as I don’t have any. I’m used to getting abuse from both at home and at work and physically cry if I even make the slightest mistake when it comes to my boyfriend, even something as stupid as forgetting the bacon knowing he wants it without asking for it. Bullying and depression have played their tolls on me and I’ll be honest, I doubt anything will change it.

  • whatsmyusername

    I immediately stopped reading when you misspelled ‘you’re’. Can’t take you seriously anymore.

  • Esosa

    people talk about me , used me , called me ugly ,cussed me out ,

  • Diana

    I used to be a huge pushover; I wanted to be liked by people because all I ever knew for a long time was being bullied. Eventually when I went to prom I made a 180 degree turn, people dropped jaws when they saw me. (I went to an all girl catholic high school with uniforms; I felt no need in wearing makeup so I looked like crap and probably a nerd most of the time.) But after high school I accepted myself, became confident, my self-esteem rose due to compliments. My style is literally a huge part of me, I dress comfortable, but to people it’s unique and different, something some people admire, and some others don’t, but I don’t mind–to each their own.

    But I’ve lost a lot of friends, or rather saw who was “fake” because they didn’t like me sticking up for myself, saying no, fighting back, and basically thought the world revolved around them. I got called some mean words, and I was like “You’ll care more than I will, because I really don’t give a rats a** about you and the way your acting. Have fun caring, I’ll pray for you.” Some people accepted it and are still my friends, and changed with times. They might have not been too happy, but I’m really comfy in my own skin now. & I go after what I want, no one can tell me otherwise. I follow my instincts.

    I think girls who are pushovers need someone to give them a makeover or a day to feel like a princess to boost their self-esteem. It did wonders when I got a makeover for my prom and the stares and compliments.

  • Marie

    About the one about making others happy: when you were a kid, did you ever have conversations with your friend that went like this:
    “What do you want to do?”
    “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”
    “I don’t care, what do you want to do?” And on and on and on…

    For me, if my friend/sibling/parent isn’t enjoying it, it won’t be enjoyable to me. I like making other people happy. It makes me happy. If there’s something I really don’t want to do, I’ll say so. Other than that, I want other people to call the shots. That way I know they’re going to have fun, and we can have one helluva time together.

  • Jane

    ok, i’m a total pushover. but i already knew that. (i’ve been told enough times!)

  • Laurence

    This hits so close to home it’s sort of painful. Though I do like to think that I’ve gotten better at standing up for myself; it’s just that I still can’t refuse my friends anything, and I HATE fighting with people I like. Teachers and annoying classmates though…are an entirely different matter.

  • Emily

    Well, I never walk away from a fight, but everyone takes credit for my 22 page essay on a book.