8 Weird But True Facts About Chocolate

I love chocolate. I always have. In fact, when I was three, my parents caught me hoarding chocolate under my mattress. It was really funny too because they always let us eat candy whenever we wanted so there was no reason for me to stash it away. I guess I just wanted it all for myself. And the ants.

I would blame my mom since her diet when she was pregnant with me consisted of chocolate and cheese puffs. (Don’t worry guys, I turned out fine.) It’s because of my love of chocolate that I can justify any so-called “bad” food. Ask anyone in our office, I’ll tell you exactly why it’s okay to eat that piece of cake for breakfast.

Chocolate is amazing and actually isn’t bad for you, unless you’re eating, like, the entire Hershey factory or something. So here are 8 weird but true and awesome facts about chocolate!

Did you know any of these facts about chocolate? Do you know of any others? Tell us in the comments!

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  • nunoyourbuizniz


  • twilight_daylight16

    wawww…..I love-love-love chocolates and i’m reading this article while eating chocolate. and yunno it really does eat out all my depression!

  • bleh

    also a fact: you can be chocolate intolerant/allergic like me. yay for the people who pass out, get dizzy, get cranky, or just get a headache from cocoa!

  • Rose

    In other words…chocolate is amazing and I have the right to hate white chocolate even though I’m addicted to chocolate because it’s a lie. Awesome article!