10 Reasons Why People Cheat, According To Science

As someone who has never cheated and could never imagine doing it, I’ve always wondered why people cheat. I’m not trying to judge anyone, I’m just seriously wondering because I find this particular human behavior really interesting. Why do we hurt the people we care about the most for our own selfish gains? Why do we make our relationships fall apart because of (seemingly) one sexual urge?

Apparently, science finds infidelity just as interesting as I do. It feels like a new study comes out about cheating at least once a month, all of the researchers trying to find out the same thing: why people cheat on each other. The results are definitely worth reading and may give you some insight into why you’ve been cheated on – or why you cheated yourself. Here are 10 reasons people cheat, according to science.

Have you ever cheated? Why did you do it? Why do you think people cheat? Have you ever been cheated on? Tell us in the comments.


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