7 Reasons Why Absolutely We Love Birth Control

You know we’re always up for talking about sex, but we’re also always up for talking about the risks because they’re a big deal. Being sexually active means there is a risk of unplanned pregnancy. Because of birth control, the U.S. teen birth rate has dropped 52 percent over the past 21 years. But unplanned pregnancies are still happening too often. Why? Well, according to Besider, “More than half of sexually active women ages 18-22 say they would be more likely to use birth control if more people talked about it in a positive way.”

I was a sexually active teen myself and felt comfortable because I was able to talk to my mom in a positive way about safe sex and birth control. But a lot of my friends were too afraid to go on birth control because they didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. Even if you’re not sexually active, birth control is important. You may not even be considering sex for a while, but you still need to know about birth control. It’s not a scary thing to talk about. We actually should be talking about it more because it’s a really wonderful thing and has a lot of benefits.

So let’s talk about birth control and why it’s awesome and important! Today it’s time to say, “Thanks, Birth Control” and have an honest talk about why it’s so great.

We’re not the only ones talking about it. “Thanks, Birth Control” is a way for everyone to talk about birth control in a positive way and make it less controversial. Tell us why you love birth control in the comments and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter with #ThxBirthControl! You can get involved by talking about it online, sharing postcards and videos, and of course by talking to your friends about birth control.

Are you comfortable talking about birth control? Are you currently taking or using birth control methods? Why do you love birth control? Tell us in the comments!

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