10 Easy & Cheap Jewelry DIYs To Make For Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts to give to your loved ones. Buying presents for people can really crush your wallet, and that is never fun. I’m big on saving money, always have been and always will be.

As someone who loves to craft, I think handmade gifts are the best gifts. They just feel more personal, and they save a lot of money. We thought it would be fun to round up a bunch of tutorials for you to use to make gifts for your friends and family. This week, we’re bringing you some awesome DIY jewelry tutorials that you can use for yourself or for someone else! Check them out!

Make personalized stud earrings out of cardboard with this tutorial from JewelryTutorialHQ.

Oh and you know our very own Jamie from Do It, Gurl! has a super cute dreamcatcher necklace tutorial that would be so great as a gift.

Go with a beachy, laid back vibe and make shell bracelets for your friends! This DIY from Free People and HonestlyWTF is so easy and costs next to nothing!

Or make a wire bracelet with a shape, word or someone’s name!

Or instead of making a wire bracelet, why not make a wire ring? So easy and cute!

Make someone a unique necklace out of PVC and gems. Geneva from A Pair And A Spare shows you how to make an expensive looking necklace out of super cheap materials.

I never thought of making a bracelet out of rubber bands, but this tutorial from Delighted Momma is, well, delightful! And virtually free!

You can also make personalized tassel bracelets for all your friends or all the ladies in your family. This is a great idea for group friendship bracelets from Jenni of I Spy DIY.

You can make these adorable geometric necklaces in any shape you want. You could even make personalized ones with letters for the names of your friends! Check out the tutorial from The Lovely Drawer.

Ummm how cool is this? You can make super cute ear cuffs out of paperclips!

What do you think about these DIYs? Are you going to make any as gifts? What about for yourself? Tell us in the comments!

You should also check out this hoop earring DIY from Jamie

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