10 Sex & Hookup Tips From Emma Nelson Of Degrassi

Degrassi certainly goes there, especially in terms of transforming their characters. Emma Nelson went from the quintessential good girl to trying to rebel to being an empowered female. Whether you found Emma’s environmental causes annoying or not, you can’t tell me you didn’t love her. And you’re still upset that her and Spinner got hitched. Sean and Em forever!

Anyway, Emma’s sexual progression was really interesting. She definitely evolved a lot and was able to teach us a bunch in the process. Like don’t meet strangers you meet on the internet in a hotel room, no matter how much pizza they have.

Click through for 10 sex and hookup tips from Emma!

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  • JKremy

    I would add: don’t put up with men who are jerks, if they want to remain one leave them cold, don’t try to change them or seek them out, they will change when they get the message treating others as sub-par is not appropriate. People like me get to hear women going for such men when they really need to think about what exactly they want. If it is just physical attraction, hey be upfront if you have to. Unfortunately, society isn’t really brought to be as open about sexuality.

    Second is be transparent. Tell people what you want, you don’t have to be extremely blunt but for many people, especially guys we don’t want hints that we don’t or will not get until it is “too late”. You got something on your mind think of a good way of getting it out, talk of your goals or intentions of your relationship and you may avoid future disappointment even if it means not hooking up for that time.

    People underestimate how much people appreciate honesty if not initially, sometimes people are irrational and will come to their sense on things, try not over analyze.

  • Joanna

    I love this post and the last one was so good. I remember it was because Snake didn’t want her having sex but she was 18 and in a committed relationship. I’m glad Degrassi touched upon that topic.