10 Things NOT To Do When Fighting With Your Mom

My mom is hands-down my best friend, but it wasn’t always that way. When I was a teenager, my mom and I fought ALL the time. We would go toe to toe over the dumbest things. I’ll admit that I may have been a little dramatic, but she was too! I learned from the best.

Fighting with your parents sucks because they’re usually right, but you’ll defend yourself until you’re grounded and have lost your internet privileges. I think fighting with your mom is the worst because (hopefully) she’s someone you go to for help and to talk to about things. When you’re fighting, you feel kind of lost.

If you’re fighting with your mom, here are some things you should definitely NOT do.

Do you do any of these things when fighting with your mom? How do you resolve fights with your mom? Tell us in the comments!

Your mom telling you to clean your room might actually benefit you

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  • Jane

    lol i was just reading this in my room when my mom came in and started cleaning the room and tipping my stuff onto my bed, so the room is a mess now. UGH!

  • Tayy

    I pretty much did all of these things and my mom could not have more respect for my opinion now because she learned that she isn’t ALWAYS right either, and also as an independent and only child I figured half the stuff I “needed” from her out on my own. She realized that she too had to change her tactics. I don’t think I ever threatened to run away, that’d hurt her way more than slamming doors, being rude and piting her against my father. At the end of the day after I did all these things, either nothing changed, or she realized I wasn’t some dumb kid and actually had reasons. This was most of the time not all the time, cause there were times when I had a fit for simple things and that I will say was not necessary. I wish this article was around when I was 9-12.