Quiz: Which Decade’s Style Reflects Your Personality?


Which decade’s style reflects your personality? Do you embrace the flowing vibrancy of Diana Ross’ ’60s look or the bold, outspoken look of Gwen Stefani in the ’90s?

I’m pretty sure we all go through a phase where we become obsessed with the style of some by gone era. For me, I became obsessed with the ’60s as a teenager and tried to incorporate it into my style as much as possible. In a way it even reflected my personality: Political spirit, thinking outside of the box and listening to the oldies station way too much.

Style can truly define an era, but what era’s style defines you? Do you resemble the simplistic style of the ’50s? The free flowing threads of the ’70s? What about the attention grabbing clothes of the ’80s? Take our quiz and find out!




Which decade’s style appeals to you the most? Which can’t you stand? Tell us in the comments!

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