10 Of Our Unpopular Opinions About Harry Potter

Look, I could talk about Harry Potter for weeks and weeks and never get tired of it. I was and still am super involved in the fandom, I went to the midnight screenings, the premieres, went to the theme park for my 20th birthday and I still can’t read certain parts of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows without having to turn on some depressing music and cry my eyes out.

Seriously, don’t even get me started on the Marauders’ era (they were so young!).

Er, anyway…we all love Harry Potter here at Gurl. This series had a huge impact on our lives and continues to. I don’t think that a day goes by when we don’t make some sort of Harry Potter reference. It’s that ingrained into us. But with our passion for the series comes some passionate opinions that aren’t always very popular among many other Harry Potter fans. Check out 10 of our unpopular opinions about the Harry Potter series. Make sure you share yours with us, too!


Which of these unpopular opinions do you agree with? Which do you disagree with? Which unpopular opinions about the series do you get a lot of flack for? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Sarah

    Diversity… what are you reviewing, the movies or the books? I think Rowling made it a point not to single out the color of each and every character’s skin.
    Alan Rickman… you do know that he was handpicked by Rowling, right? Doesn’t that deserve respect in its self?

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  • Faith

    I think that the whole background story wouldn’t make sense with Snape sticking to Voldemort’s side…
    I completely agree with you on Ginny being a badass and Harry/Luna being great!

    As for diversity, well, I don’t think JKRowling ever even thought about that. It’s really no big deal they’re white.
    (Also, Cho is indeed Asian, but she didn’t influence the plot because of that. She influenced the plot by being there, doing what she did, being Cedric’s girlfriend and Harry’s first crush etc… You get what I’m sayin’?)

  • Abby

    Harry and Ginny were my second OTP (my first was Romione of course). I even thought they’d go well together even before the 6th book! The movies doesn’t portray the dynamic they had going – it was really playful and bestfriendy and competitive. I think they go well together cuz Ginny is chill and that’s something Harry really needed while his life was always going crazy.

  • Jane

    ginny’s always been my favourite character (but maybe not in book 1 because she wasn’t really in it). and i’ve never had a problem with Harry/Ginny either because the first time I read it i had a crush on my friend’s brother, so i kind of related to harry.

  • chantal

    Harry obviously thought Luna was off her rocker and seriously loopy tho. I wonder what it would have taken to shift his feelings from “what a weirdo” to “this chick is hella awesome.” I agree it would have been a really interesting pairing but it seems unrealistic to me. He’s too much of a jerk to end up with her imo.

    • Aria

      i agree…

  • Person

    Yes, the movies and the books are two separate entities, but that doesn’t give the movies the excuse to have been so utterly crappy.

  • anon

    If more of the characters were of different races would that have impacted the plot? I think it would really be the same. It’s not like we would praise the book for be so diverse, it would just b another thing.

  • Becca

    finally, someone agrees with me about harry and ginny! i wish luna and harry had gotten together (they were just so good together!) but i thought that maybe she’d end up with Neville instead!
    That didn’t happen either -.-

    • Taylor

      I hated harry & ginny so much!!!! Ever since she made her debut I felt like she only liked him because he’s the “chosen one” & “the boy who lived”. And then of course it became the harry/ginny story once he started to like her & tried to sabotage her relationships.
      Ginny by herself isn’t a bad character but I would’ve liked her better with Neville or even someone from slytherin like blaise or draco

    • Finally_Free

      Drarry… I’ll just leave this here.