8 Of The Worst Places To Have Sex (No Matter What Movies Say)

If life were as perfect as a book, TV show or movie, then the possibilities of where you could have sex would be endless. Fictional characters always seem to be getting down and dirty in weird places that seem like they would never work in real life… yet for some reason, these are supposedly popular places to have sex, even though you should never attempt it because these are actually the WORST places to have sex.

I’m all for a little experimentation and switching things up and all that and, truthfully, I’ve hooked up in a few of these places in the past (this is how I know they’re the worst, okay?). It can be great to hook up outside of the bedroom – it’s more exciting and can amp up your sex life a lot. But, I don’t know, maybe try a place that ISN’T any of these places. You’re welcome.

Have you ever had sex in any of these places? Do you agree or disagree with me? Which places did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Ladie An

    its hurts having sex at the first time.all yu have to do is relax

  • king_brooklynn

    All of these places are fine except for probably the Airplane or the top bunk. Trust me the person that made this probaby has never done it in any of those places because they think all those things. People would’nt do it, if it didn’t feel good or was exciting.

  • ha

    A girl at my school broke her leg having sex in the shower. it just made her look stupid once people found out what happened

  • Kelsey

    I’ve done them all except the airplane and a bunk bed. The omly one that wasn’t amazing was the beach for exactly those reasons. But if you put down a blanket it isn’t bad. It’s all about position, and what kind of sex you’re having. Like, raw, rough, fast sex obviously isn’t the only option.

  • Shandy

    I am virgen man and I want to have sex whit woman

  • Lulu

    I’ve had sex outside in the woods to be more specific in the summer time and its not exactly the best situation. Let’s just say the mosquito’s ate me the hell up :/ people were walking back and forth, luckily we were way deep in the woods maybe a few feet from some houses and to top it off I saw a freakin Deer :0 I was enjoying it a little bit but all those things were too much. then she tried to pin me against a tree and finish but i was like nah I’m not feeling this anymore, so we left.

  • Nobody

    Meh i like car, shower, and outdoor sex :L

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  • Madam Nixie

    Actually, a few of those places you just have to know how to do it. Like any position in sex, it takes practice if you wish to do it correctly and efficiently. Car sex, it is difficult but not if you know how to do it properly. Not the worst way to have sex though, it’s exciting and fun if you take the time to figure it out. I enjoyed it. 🙂
    Shower sex is meant for a man that has the strength to pick you up, and only a man that can do so. lol Don’t hate on the guys that can’t, but this is meant for muscle dudes in order to make it appealing.
    Beach, eeeeeh that just depends on taste. Personally I didn’t like it, but that was because it was colder than it should be, but the sand did not bother me. If you are swimming in the ocean, you are going to get sand down there anyways lol. Over all, I think the worst places depend on the person, because every position takes time to learn, which means if you take the time to learn these, then they can be fun and exciting. Experience in the areas is key 🙂