8 Signs He’s Cheating On His Girlfriend With You

One of my friends recently hooked up with a guy, later to find out that he had a girlfriend! Ugh! She was really upset about it because DUH. She would never hook up with someone if she knew they were dating someone. It’s just another perfect example of how the other woman can have no idea that she actually is the other woman.

This happens far too often. It’s even happened to me before. Honestly, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. It really sucks too because the other woman often gets the most of the blame, even if she didn’t know.

How can you tell if the guy you’re seeing is actually cheating on his girlfriend with you? I’ve got 8 tell-tale signs for you!

Have you ever accidentally been the other woman? How did you find out? Tell us in the comments!

Speaking of cheating, do you think porn is cheating?

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  • Alice Morgan

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  • River

    So my ex – well not really an ex because Ive had kids with him and just slept with him, he has a girl friend that I have just found out about. I think they’ve been friends for 3 months now – anyway I asked him about her and he said there was nothing going on – I ended up being a stalker lol and my friends too and found a picture of them at lunch. I then found a parking ticket it was to a expensive restaurant and asked him about it and he lied. Does that mean anything? And she is pretty – so him telling me shes ugly was a lie – the thing i was worried about mostly is why he kept their ‘friendship’ a secret??

  • Karlie

    some of these are kind of dumb. not every person is on social media anyways, likes to take pictures, or works the same shifts as everybody else. maybe he works at night?