10 Moments From Kim Possible That Changed My Life

I can’t say this about many of my favorite childhood shows, but I actually remember the very first time that I watched Kim Possible. I was in 6th grade, I recently graduated from elementary school and I had an entire summer of watching this new Disney Channel show about a teen girl who dabbled in a little bit of international crime fighting as a side gig.

You know, nothing too out of the ordinary. I, too, fight crime when I’m not when I’m not blogging and stuffing my face with food.

Anyway, Kim Possible was pretty formative for me because it was one of the few shows that actually had a female lead that wasn’t totally one dimensional. She was tough and girly, strong and sensitive and she managed to feel like a real girl despite the fact that she was beating up bad guys between classes.

If you also watched a ton of Kim Possible back in the day, check out this roundup of 10 KP memorable moments!

Okay, who was your favorite character on Kim Possible? What did you love or hate about the show? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Anna

    I loooooooved Kim Possible! I watched practically every episode.
    My mind was totally blown when i found out about the thing with the names (Kim Possible=impossible, Ron Stoppable=unstoppable). I didn’t even notice until my dad pointed it out to me.
    Also, I thought it was so awesome that the guy who voiced Ron was the same guy who played Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World (Will Friedle).
    (Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I’m from Denmark)