10 Hair Tutorials That Protect Afro-Textured Hair In The Winter

As I stepped outside my apartment this morning I was immediately met with a blustery gust of wind. It’s a cruel reminder of what’s to come in the upcoming months and I’m not looking forward to it. I’ve been experiencing East Coast winter on and off for the past five years, but my California skin has never truly gotten used to it and it probably never will.

Yeah, I’m a massive wimp.

After reminding myself to buy some gloves, my thoughts immediately turned to my hair. My hair is naturally dry, but in the winter it, like my skin, tends to get drier than usual. I’ve mentioned in the past that I am super low maintenance about my hair care, but in the winter it is so important that I adjust my everyday regimen to prevent chronic dryness and breakage. One solution: Protective styling. Protective styling is essentially hair styles that will help keep your hair moisturized and shielded from the harsh winter air. And because it reduces breakage, your hair might experience some growth over the holidays.

Check out these 10 YouTube Afro hair tutorials that will help you protect your hair and make sure that it looks dope at the same time.


Classic pompadour:

Easy braid crown:

Protective styles for straight, Afro textured hair:

Cute styles for Marley/Havana twists:

Basic bantu knots:

Elegant faux fringe up-do:

3 simple protective styles using hats and hair scarves:

Quick protective styles for all hair lengths:

An easy side bun:

Easy protective style for TWAs (teeny weenie Afros):

Hopefully these tutorials give you a good idea of what you need to do to protect your hair this winter. Remember, when it doubt put your hair into some twists and pin it in a funky style. If you wear a hat, try to line it with some sort of satin or silk to prevent your hair from drying out. And last but not least: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Good luck!

Do you have a go-to protective style in the winter? What does your hair do when the weather gets chilly? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Gee

    Thanks got a lot of ideas 🙂

  • badiatu

    i love this website

  • Lynsey

    The Bandu Knot Out looks incredible. Since going natural last summer, I ran into so many issues in the winter dealing with how to prevent my hair from drying out and keeping it moisturized, so this will really come in handy!

  • Jasmine Lake

    These are amazing!Especially the bantu knot. ‘m not brave enough to wear my hair like that but as soon as a special occasion comes around I will definetly being trying it!

  • Sam Escobar

    LOVE these.