Would You Rather: ’90s Vs. Now Edition

The '90s or the present: What would you rather deal with? | Source: Saved By The Bell/New Girl

The ’90s or the present: What would you rather deal with? | Source: Saved By The Bell/New Girl

There’s so much love and nostalgia for the ’90s going around, which I understand! It was the decade of my first 10 years of life, my earliest childhood memories and Dunkaroos. But it wasn’t as perfect as some people like to paint it. I mean, getting lost in an unfamiliar place must have been a lot scarier back then compared to now…but the second my phone runs out of battery I feel like I’m disconnected from the rest of the world, which would not have been the case back in the day.

Hmm…which is better? Which is worse?

Well, you get to decide what you’d rather deal with: Something totally ’90s or present day. Take our would you rather poll and decide for yourself!


What are some things that you prefer about the ’90s and your childhood compared to now? What don’t you miss at all? Tell us in the comments!

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  • happyjessica

    Man, this just made me want to timewarp back in time even more. It seems like most everyone on here was vouching for the 90’s on everything. So either we’re all just 80’s/90’s babies (or earlier) or we all just realize the every decade gets less cool or special or personal….or something

  • ashia

    good quiz! someone said the quiz seemed biased,but i don’t think it is.this quiz just compares things of the past with things of today.

  • Elana

    All of the option favor the 90s, even though modern technology is so much better, if it wasnt then everyone would still be using the old stuff. And we arent. Present Day All the WAY!

  • Chrissy

    I seriously think these are biased. I mean, it favors the 90s so much I don’t know how I can take this quiz.

  • Adriana

    I’d honestly rather live in a world without facebook. While it’s nice for finding out what your friends are up to and getting in touch with people you haven’t spoken to in years, I feel like it breeds more harm than good. I barely use my facebook and I’d rather call or text someone than message them on there. The one thing it’s good for though, is the fact that you can tell pretty quickly who is a real jerk. Of course some people act fake online and pretend to be nice but some show their true colors with negative status updates and stalking/harassing others. My favorite thing about the late 90s/early 2000s was that I spent more time with my friends and went out more in general. When we became teenagers, the internet took over all of our lives and now we spend more time talking online then we do in person.

  • Sophia

    WTF is Divergent?

  • Allison122

    I LOVE divergent!!! But why JT???

  • Jessica


  • Beca

    I couldn’t watch MTV without Hey Girl and Girl Code….both old Nick and new Nick SUCK. The old shows were painfully annoying and the new ones are annoying. And since I hate road trips in the first place I’d rather have a vacation with my family and spend all my time on twitter. Also 90s technology vs current is a NO BRAINER. I would NEVER pick 90s over current phones because that’s insanity. N’SYNC will always be cooler than Justin though. Both Friends and How I Met Your Mother are amazing shows! Facebook is a joke but it’s better with than without because it’s extremely useful. I’ve never heard of Divergent. And frankly, I don’t like Harry Potter all that much.

    • kayla

      I agree with all your answers except for JT!!!! We should be twins!!!!!!!

  • AverageNerd143


  • megs2007

    i’m surprised at the amount of people who said they prefered life without facebook!

    • happyjessica

      DITTO! That would be so wonderful.

  • Faith

    YAY 90s!

    PS. 78 % of people would like to live in a world without facebook… how comes then that about 80 % of people has it? -.-“

    • thatnerdybird

      that’s what i would really love to know