How I Learned To Love My Big Butt

kim kardashian butt

This is obviously not me. It’s Kim Kardashian rocking her famous big booty.

Very important research has discovered that women who have butts that are larger than average are healthier and have more intelligence. The study found that ladies with big butts tend to have lower levels of cholesterol are more likely to produce hormones that metabolize sugar – so these women are less likely to have diabetes or heart problems. Also, big butts come hand-in-hand with an excess of Omega 3 fats, which help with brain development, which explains why researchers found that children born to women with bigger butts are intellectually superior to children born to less curvy women.

And it doesn’t stop there! Researchers also found that big butts “favor” leptin levels and dinopectina in the female body. Leptin is the hormone that regulates weight and dinopectina is known for a few healthy things including anti-diabetic attributes.

Basically? It’s a pretty great time to be proud of your big butt.

Which brings me to my story: I have a big butt (and I cannot lie. SORRY I couldn’t resist!) and even though I used to hate it, I have learned to love and embrace it. In fact, my butt is probably my favorite physical feature. I like how it fills out my jeans and looks in dresses and a lot of the time, it makes me feel more confident in whatever I’m wearing. It’s also something I’ve always had to deal with, so it feels like, I don’t know, a defining feature for me. And, I’m not going to lie, my butt has gotten me many compliments, which is always a nice perk.

But truthfully, I wasn’t always a fan of my larger behind. When I was a kid, I hated my butt. There were many reasons why. It was always sticking out. I looked different than the other little girl’s my age. It made finding the right size jeans really difficult. And honestly, I wanted to be skinnier than I was and having a big butt made that feel impossible. This sounds very sad, but don’t worry, I’ve gotten over it.

One memory that always stands out when I think about how much I hate my butt is from when I used to go to ballet class. I took several different dance classes for seven years through middle school and high school, but nowhere else did my butt stand out as much as it did in ballet class. Forced to wear a skimpy leotard and tights, I had nothing to cover my (what felt like huge) butt with. I couldn’t tie a sweatshirt around my waist (that was still cool back then, okay?). I couldn’t hide in bulky sweats. I couldn’t sit in the back of class. My butt stood out, because it naturally stuck out, but also because my leotard never fit perfectly. #Bigbuttproblems

I'm the last one on the right. My friends still make fun of me for how my butt looks here but I swear it was just a weird angle.

I’m the last one on the right. My friends still make fun of me for how my butt looks here but I swear it was just a weird angle.

For the entire hour of each and every ballet class, I would stare in the mirror and try to mentally flatten my butt using some sort of telekinetic superpower I wished I had. I would look at the other tiny, slimmer girls, skipping around the room with flat little butts that didn’t make them look ridiculous. I was so jealous of these girls that I spent the majority of class staring at their butts, which in retrospect, is very creepy and weird. But I couldn’t help it. Why DID my butt stick out so much? Why was I the only one like this? I would NEVER be a dancer with this butt, I thought. Never mind the fact that I’m just not a great dancer… it was my butt that was holding me back.

In school, hiding my butt was easier because of jeans and long shirts and stuff like that. But once I got to high school and started getting a little bit more into fashion, it became harder to hide the true size of my butt. By the way, my butt isn’t even abnormally large. I know I’m making it seem that way, but it’s really just sort of big – it’s not like Kim Kardashian big. I’m just dramatic.

Anyway, at some point, I don’t remember exactly when, I started embracing my butt. Maybe it was when my crush told me that my butt was exactly the thing that attracted him to me in the first place (so sweet and sentimental, I know). Maybe it was because a few of my friends were complaining about their smaller butts and telling me how lucky I was and I had never thought about my butt that way. Maybe it was because Jennifer Lopez and her shapely butt became famous and I was like OMG, big butts can be hot! Or maybe it was because I stopped caring about my butt because I was too busy focusing on the other things I couldn’t control about my body, like acne and periods and cramps.

At any rate, I started to appreciate my big butt. But that’s not to say that I don’t still have some issues with it. Buying jeans is really, really difficult because my waist is smaller than my hips and butt – this means that I always have an awkward gap going on at the top of my jeans. It’s also hard to find bathing suit bottoms that fit without being too revealing. I like my butt, but I’m not so comfortable showing it off in that way. Long shirts or tunics never drape right on my body because my butt sticks out too much. And, much like dealing with unwanted cleavage, I don’t feel comfortable wearing tight skirts or dresses to work because they fit so tightly in that area. Also, I have to deal with a lot of icky comments from creepy dudes, which I’m sure we’ve all experienced.

But at the end of the day, I’m happy to say that I’m pretty proud of my butt. I’ve embraced it and I’ve learned how to dress for my curves so that I compliment them rather than try to hide them. I love that my butt makes me feel more confident (and apparently makes me more healthy). Embrace your own booty, whatever size it is!

Do you feel the same way about your own butt? Can you relate to my story? What’s your favorite physical feature about yourself? Tell me in the comments.


Why do people say my big butt makes me look ethnic?

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  • Derek Pauly

    It’s a small photo, but a nice butt!

  • Londongirl1503

    Hello lovely ladies. I’m sorry I’m hijacking this thread, but I need your help! It’s so great that you’re all embracing your natural beauty and that you’re rocking your hourglass shapes! I’m looking for all those women who are positive like that, but may have had critcism in the past from others for the way they look, but reacted positively! If this sounds familiar to you, and you may like to share your story, please get in touch! Thanks a million <3

  • Cheryl

    I have a huge huge butt and am learning to love it. people make fun of my butt. I have difficulty buying clothes that arent exposing so I rarely go shopping for clothes. its frustrating work. thank yu so much for your article. my only way out wen people teased me was telling them this butt is God-given and God sees nothing obscene about it.

  • Ashley

    After having a bad hip-butt day this morning and tearing apart my closet at the same time, I found your article on Google. I’m an A-cup with no waist, large hips (14.2″ in width) and thick thighs. It’s so embarrassing for me to wear pants because they seem to get tighter and tighter. They accent the fat placement in my butt and I never feel comfortable. The sad part is that I’m nearing my 30s. I shouldn’t be having these image problems, but I do! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who isn’t and wasn’t secure in my own skin. Thanks for the support!

  • abby

    I’m 13 and I weigh 116 and I have a huge butt I probably get comments on it min. 3 times a day I hate it some times people would just bring it up in class and I I would sit there like you all are all disrespectful and rude. Guys have said nasty things to me because of it. Also if any guy wants to date it’s cuz of my butt u would ask them and they would just laugh then I would walk away I hate people only liking me for my butt. I went to go sharpen my pencil in class which I hate doing cuz people watch my butt as I do it and my friend told me about 5 guys of what she saw were looking at it I hate it! I feel it jiggle as I walk omg it’s horrible I wish I could chop off the cheeks and give It to someone who wants it
    And don’t get me started on how annoying it is to have to get huge bottoms for everything in clothes

  • Diamond

    my big butt looks weird in skinny pants :”(
    ……………………..and my thighs too :'(
    btw nice article -.-”

  • Amanda

    I can relate to this article especially about ballet class. I remember feeling the same way and sometimes to this day I am enviously of the long lean body type of some girls. I think what bothers me the most is that I feel like my butt isn’t exactly sexy but seen as some sort of sideshow amusement or caricature. This happens especially when people say oh so and so has a great butt and it’s like half the size of mine! I think at the end of the day most people have atleast one things about their body they would like to change.

  • baby girl

    I love my big butt. Never wanted a small one never will. Nothing wrong with small butts, but I find bigger, rounder butts more attractive. But that doesn’t mean that all small butts are unattractive. Beauty can come in all shapes and sizes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nice article.

  • Dianna

    I agree with ashy. The first two paragraphs just made me feel even worse about myself. I’ve always wanted a bigger butt and now it’s just like. Wow. Ok.

  • CJay

    Oh, come on people, stop being so sensitive. If this article was about embracing tiny tits, and had that they were less likely to develop breast cancer, everybody would be celebrating it. Look, if you have a tiny ass, but are healthy and consider yourself intelligent, you should have no problem with someone talking about the health benefits of having a large posterior. Jeez. She wrote the article, basically glorifying (by speaking about her envy of them for the majority of her life) small butts. What more do you want!?!?!
    Jessica Booth, I loved the article, because you celebrated your big booty WITHOUT degrading small ones! But hey I guess you can’t please everyone! Rock on GURL.

  • Popcorn

    Very important research has discovered that women who have butts that are larger than average are healthier and have more intelligence.”

    Clearly not the case with Kim Kardashian.

    • Gabriel

      yea but she surgery remember

  • Dawn

    It’s really funny, because my family ”noticed” my not-so-big-but-noteworthy butt when I was about 10 or 11 years old. They got a special humour sens to tell that to a young girl, but the said that a had ”the nice butt of [my] cousin, Mary”. The girl got some curve, but was pretty sexy though and I have to thank them for that akward moment who made my embrace the fact that, even without any sign of breast, I can work some sexy side if I’m proud enough. I learned to rock it when I dance, and even girls gived me compliments on how I move it xD
    Also, a special mention to my super skinny mother who gived me the blessing of a narrowed waist πŸ˜‰ I’m the most disprorportionate girl of my entourage, but one of the most confident too πŸ™‚

  • Lissa


    Okay, I’ll say it: I have a big butt. And I used to hate it. Even with my high self-steem, my butt was always my weak point. I tried to hide it with baggy shirts and jeans, never wanted to wear skinnies, stared at the mirror for hours… You know what I’m talking about.

    That’s it, until I started dating my ex-bf and he told me he really liked it. My butt. I couldn’t believe it, I had ALWAYS hated it!

    I’m not going to lie: sometimes I see thinner girls with smaller butts and I feel jealous. Tight or short skirts are a no-no for me. But now I appreciate it and I like what I see when I stare at the mirror.

  • Lexxi

    Sweet babyJesus! I can relate 100% to this! There are hardly any other girls out there who have nice butts and it sucks because i cant borrow a lot of my friends jeans or shorts. But, i have come to love and appreciate it πŸ™‚

  • Ashy

    Er, what was the purpose in this article
    It basically just a ‘in your face’ kind of move to girls with ‘inferior, therefore less intellectual’ behinds
    You see, big butts are the thing every girl wants right now. It’s not like this topic was about a small butt or small boobs. It’s a common attractive feature.


    • Sophie

      i agree. i feel the same.

    • Jessica Booth

      I’m sorry you feel that way, but that’s not how I intended it to come across. I used to be very insecure about my butt and then I learned to love it. That’s the message of the article, not that girls with smaller butts are inferior. It’s about learning to love what you have.

      • Ashy

        I’m sure you intended it to be a gaining confidence, but that only shows at the end.
        I don’t think I’m being irrational, it’s just the first two paragraphs I find irritating. If those two weren’t there, I would like this article.

        The whole ‘ if you have a big butt you’re super smart and less health problems’ and so on.

      • Brandi

        I am glad I read this article. I have always had a big butt (even though I have always been on the slender side) and have had many complexes about it. It was not until I was in my late 20’s that I found out how much others appreciate big butts. My mom gave me a HUGE complex about it by making fun of it so often as I was growing up. Now that I am in my late 30’s it has gotten smaller due to losing muscle however I just ordered Brazil Butt Lift workout to try & change that. I hope it works, I am sure it will if I stick to it!!!

        Good for you for being confident about your body, we all should be!!!

  • Sweettreat

    #bigbuttsunite I love mine and every girl with a big butt should love hers too!