12 Of The Hottest Teachers From TV Shows and Movies Who Will Make You Want To Go To Class

There are teachers… and then there are hot teachers. You know what I’m talking about. The kind of teachers who make you actually want to go to class and work hard, just so you can stare at him or her and try to impress them with how smart you are. No, seriously: having a hot teacher might help you do better in class. A recent study shows that students might learn more if they are attracted to their teachers.

Researchers found that young people are more likely trust and respect authority figures they find attractive. So, if you think your teacher is hot, you’re more likely to do what he or she says and get your work done. Sounds about right to me! In honor of this study, I thought it was a good time to appreciate the hottest fictional teachers ever… just as a little eye candy. Here are 12 of the hottest teachers from TV shows and movies. Now, if only they were real. Sigh.

Which of these teachers do you think is the hottest? Who did I forget? Do you have a crush on any of your teachers? Tell me in the comments.


What it’s really like to have a crush on your teacher

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  • heather

    Eric Daniels from Life Unexpected. He’s gorgeous.

  • Ann

    I would go to any class that Michael Vartan is teaching… Hell I would travel anywhere I could if I knew I could be near him.

  • Kiara


  • Kristen

    OMG. Van Halen reference!

  • Karen

    Tina Fey is perfection.

  • MabelPines

    I was going to say that you missed Will! I wasn’t in love with any of my teachers but a few were pretty good looking including my tutor for about a year. The good looking ones were the type where even the mums loved them! I remember a maths teacher in year seven whom all the girls seemed to like.