First Date Looks: 10 Clothes And Accessories For A ’70s Disco Inspired Outfit

Disco will never die. Seriously, I can understand why people back in the day must have thought it was annoying and over-saturated after a while, but I don’t get why that genre gets so much hate! It’s just plain fun and brought some of the most amazing dance hits of all time.

Think about it: “I Will Survive,” “Dancing Queen,” “Lady Marmalade”… don’t act like you won’t immediately sing along to any of those songs.


So if you’re just as inspired by the over the top nature of the ’70s disco era, why not try it out in a date look? Whether you’re going somewhere romantic or just hanging out with a group of friends, here are 10 clothes and accessories that you’ll need to complete this iconic look.

By the way, congratulations if you have a fro because you’re already half way there!

What’s your favorite disco song? Would you ever go to a disco if you haven’t been to one before? Tell us in the comments!

First Date Looks: 10 Clothes And Accessories For A Futuristic Inspired Outfit

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