How Will An STD Test Lead To More STDs?

Sometimes I really lose faith in humanity when other people discuss our generation. They talk about us like we’re maniacs who think our actions have absolutely zero consequences. I know that our generation is outspoken and carefree, but I think people freak out because we have the internet to constantly express our opinions and beliefs.

One of the things that our generation is going crazy over is sex. Forbes informed us that a new at-home STD test will be available in the near future. Forbes’  Bill Frezza says, “The product described above is under development by a Boston startup named Boston Microfluidics.” There isn’t much information about this test, but the idea is that it’ll allow you to take an STD test and get results right in your own home.

I think that sounds great! But Frezza reminds us,

“The question is, can they make it not only socially acceptable but cool to ask prospective partners to test before they tryst? Answering that question requires thinking like a Millennial and not a 50-something. These kids are totally unencumbered by the social mores we Baby Boomers grew up with. They appear to have no shame, no sense of privacy, no modesty, and no concern about their reputations. They treat sex like another form of recreation, like videogames only messier. They want to have commitment-free fun, and they want it now.”

Ooooh right. I forgot, we’re all raging sex addicts. There apparently is a real fear that us millenials are going to run rampant with this at-home STD test and use it as a free pass to have unprotected sex. This is the same mindset that thinks that making Plan B over-the-counter will make girls stop taking their birth control and start sleeping with everything that moves. I find this very unfair because I would like to think that we’re more informed than that.

Having a clean STD test does not mean that you can pass go and collect $200. It doesn’t mean that you can say “Bye condoms! See ya never!” That’s not what this test is for. This is a way for people to conveniently test themselves for STDs in the comfort of their own homes. It’s a way for people to avoid judgement like I encountered when I asked a nurse for an STD panel.

And it’s not a fail-proof thing. You could have an STD that isn’t developed enough to show on a test, which can happen when you get tested by a doctor as well. And what about HPV? One of my exes gave me HPV even though he had a clean STD test because guys can’t be tested for it. There’s also a lot of room for error if you’re testing yourself.

The point is that a clean STD test does not give you an excuse to have unprotected sex. You’re always at risk for STDs and using an instant STD test isn’t going to change that. Let’s stop the stigma against our generation and keep being smart, shall we? Oh, and use condoms.
What do you think about an at-home STD test? Do you think it’s a good or bad idea? Tell us in the comments!

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