10 Thoughts You’ll Have During Your First Date

My first date ever wasn’t actually with my first boyfriend. We had broken up and I ended up going on a date with another guy because we were “figuring things out” or something. I really liked this guy, but first dates are pretty awkward. My mom dropped me off at the movie theater because I couldn’t drive so that was cool.

It went well and we had a few other dates before I got back together with my ex. But that guy ended up becoming one of my best guy friends and we’re still really close! I just remember being so nervous and weird and I didn’t know what to do. Luckily with movie dates you don’t really have to talk.

You’re always going to have a million thoughts running through your head on any date, but especially on your first date ever.

Omg I’m not even close to being ready yet. I need to change my outfit, I look ridiculous.

He’s here. I changed my mind. MOM TELL HIM I’M SICK.

Calm down, this is going to be fun!

Why is he looking at me like that? I definitely have something in my teeth.

I think I’m running out of things to talk about.

Should I tell a joke?

Do I reach for the check?

I think this was good. Unless it totally wasn’t. I don’t know!

What if he tries to kiss me goodnight?

Yup he’s definitely leaning in.

Have you had your first date? What are some thoughts you had? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Sophie Zanla

    Ok so I told my friend a secret. I told her not to tell. She told and now my friends are not wanting to be friends anymore and she doesn’t understand why I’m mad about it. I told her and she thinks I’m making a big deal out of nothing. Now she is saying bad things about me to my party guest for my upcoming party. What should I do?

  • MatildaLove

    I’ve been on a few first dates, as for the first one I was so stressed out about a catastrophe at home, that I was worried more about the date happening than the details of the date.
    On my first date with the guy whom is now my beloved boyfriend, I was a wreck, sending texts to my best friend asking her for recommendations on outfits, etc. Luckily I acted cool though once I was on the date. His favorite part of the date? I dribbled water on myself at the restaurant and I was apparently super horrified, I thought he didn’t notice. He politely pretended he didn’t notice, but he later told me, he thought it was the cutest thing ever and it let him know how much I wanted to make a good impression for him.