8 Girl Stereotypes That Are Totally Stupid & Wrong

The other day my dad sent an email to me and some other family and friends with a link to a comic about the differences between men and women. My dad has an amazing sense of humor, but I don’t find sexist jokes particularly funny so I got a little peeved when reading through. I wrote back “Ugh come on Dad. Love your feminist writer & daughter.”

I spend a lot of my time trying to break down gender stereotypes and trying to even out the playing field so to speak. This didn’t really help the cause. But it’s given me something to write about, so thanks Dad! I know that gender stereotypes will always exist, but I want people to realize that they are just stereotypes. They aren’t necessarily true.

So let’s look at some stereotypes about girls that are just plain dumb.

What do you think about these gender stereotypes? Do you know of any more that aren’t true? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Free to speak my mind.

    These aren’t sexist. A lot of girls think these things.
    (Also, I’ve never heard ANY of these before)

  • Marie

    Lol, I cry all the time. But my best friend died six months ago, so… Anyways while I agree that gender stereotypes suck, they’re harmless if they’re put in a harmless, joking context. I’ve seen something very similar to what you’re describing, and it was kind of funny. Truthful, no, but everyone knows tha anyway so it’s not a big deal.

  • Eve

    I completely agree, I hate stereotypes. Also the stereotype of only girls gossip and the only thing we do is gossip. No, I sit in class and listen to guys gossip about each other ALL THE TIME.

  • Allison Ivy

    Mmmmm ..no… the majority of these are true.

  • Gorgeous Ty

    You forgot one. The “all girls are mean during their periods” stereotype. I’m the same when I’m on mines.

  • Lovely

    Actually in my case that first one is true. I do cry a lot.