The 15 Worst Things About The ’90s, According To Reddit Users

We write a lot about the ’90s here on Gurl (in case you didn’t notice, we have a Flashback post at least once a week where we pay homage to our fave old TV shows, movies and fictional characters). That’s because we love and miss the ’90s, that magical decade where we all grew up and played with fun toys and watched things that were amazing and just basically had a lot of fun.

But let’s get serious here: even though the ’90s were seriously great, there were still plenty of things that sucked about those years. Yes, it was a simpler time, but every time everyone talks about the ’90s, we all seem to put on our rose colored glasses and forget about the worst things. Like dial-up Internet and the fact that iPhones didn’t exist yet. Well, enough is enough. Reddit users are putting the decade on blast by talking about the worst things about the ’90s. I picked my favorites and rounded them up just for you guys… check ‘em out:



full house gif



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macarena gif



rugrats gif



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spice girls



blockbuster gif



computer gif



screensaver gif






vhs gif



aol gif



90s tv gif






90s gif


Which of these do you agree with? What do you disagree with? What were some other things Reddit forgot about? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. avatar random girl says:


  2. avatar Julie says:

    The 3D Maze was my favorite screensaver though. XD

  3. avatar sam says:

    ahhhhh nothing like the 90′s

  4. avatar shabin says:

    Bring bak the 90′s shows now cartoon shows suck

  5. avatar Andrea says:

    I think the worst thing about the ’90s is only ’90s kids remember the ’90s.

  6. avatar Guest says:

    The 3d maze screensaver… aah, the memories. ^_^

  7. avatar 是通謀 和也 says:

    It was great when it lasted

  8. avatar cal says:

    i actually still have dial up…,.

  9. avatar Ninety's Kid says:

    I was born in the later half of the nineties, but a very significantly frustrating part of my childhood was anxiously waiting for the movie cassettes to rewind.-_-

  10. avatar Rach says:

    I miss the 90s :’(

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  12. avatar she says:

    I was actually really amused by the really horrible screensavers from the 90s. I mean, they were bad, but I thought they were so much fun to watch!

  13. avatar Hannah says:

    This is literally a presentation of Reddit comments. Come on gURL, you guys can be more creative than this.

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