Quiz: What Should Your New Hairstyle Be?

Is your hair ready for a big change?Source: Shutterstock

Is your hair ready for a big change?Source: Shutterstock

I’ve been through a few different hairstyles in my life. when I was younger I wore nothing but braids, in my teen years I had my hair straightened and from college until now I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural, curly q style. But honestly, the biggest change I made to my hair was dying it for the first time back in the summer of 2011, right before my senior year of college. It was actually my mom, of all people, who suggested that I make the change and I’m glad she did. I’ve been getting my hair dyed dark red ever since! Well…that is, until now, because I’ve been putting off dying my hair for months! But I’m determined to do it ASAP!

Do you want to change up your hair? Have you considered dying your hair? What about a major cut? Or are you really not interested in making any big changes at all? Take our quiz and find out what your next hair style should be!



What is the most dramatic change you’ve made to your hair? What hairstyle would you love to rock? What would you never do to your hair in a billion years? Tell us in the comments!


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