15 Spooky, Adorable and Fun Halloween Nail Art Tutorials You Need To Try Now

Yesterday I was at the nail salon getting a manicure when I spotted one of the manicurists with the cutest Halloween manicure I’ve ever seen (it was a zombie eye!). I immediately had the urge to abandon my almost-completed, boring manicure and get the nail art she had instead. But I felt bad about it, so I restrained myself. Then I obviously went home and looked up a ton of cute Halloween nail art tutorials to torture myself.

So I figured, why not share with you guys? If you’re not dressing up in a full costume this year, spooky and fun nail art is a perfect way to subtly celebrate Halloween. Even if you are dressing up, these designs are a great compliment to whatever you’re wearing. And you can only do this kind of creepy nail art once a year, so you might as well take advantage, you know? Here are 10 cute Halloween nail art tutorials you need to try now!

Frankenstein, Dracula, Eyeballs, Skulls and Mini Zombies

This one video has 5 super easy tutorials in one. Somehow, this girl managed to make every one of these creepy things both adorable and spooky.

The Walking Dead-Inspired Zombie Nails

If you’re dressing up as a zombie this year, your nails need to look authentic and this tutorial will definitely do the job. These nails are disgusting, which is perfect.

Bat French Tips

This bat design is definitely time-consuming, so only do it on one accent nail if you’d like. I love the glittery purple tips!

Vampire Fang Nails

These vampire fang nails are so fun and different. As long as you can draw a pair of lips on your nails, you should be good with this.

Polka Dot Spiders

These little spiders are easier to create than they look, although they will definitely take some time. But they’re totally worth it!

Ghost Nails

These little guys are so cute! If you don’t want them on all of your nails, just do one accent nail. The glow-in-the-dark effect is especially awesome.

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Nails

Instead of carving a pumpkin, make Jack-O-Lantern nails instead! These are too cute for words.

Candy Corn Nails

If you’re looking for something that’s not super Halloween-y, go for these candy corn nails. Annnd now I’m hungry.

Bloody Nail Art

Sometimes all you need is something creepy, gross and a little scary, like bloody nails. These are a great option.

Scream-Inspired Nails

As someone who is obsessed with the movie Scream, I can’t get enough of these nails.

Halloween Monsters

I love the idea of doing a different design on each fingernail. It’s elaborate, but pretty awesome.

Mummy Nails

A lot of the mummy nail art tutorials I saw seemed pretty complicated, but this one definitely looks on the easier side. Again, this would be great as just an accent nail if you don’t have the patience to do all of your nails.

Cutie Halloween Nails

This nail art lives up it’s name. I love how adorable all of these designs are.

Black Widow Spider Manicure

I hate spiders more than anything so I hate the idea of this, but… some of you might be into it.

Peep-O Zombie Nails

Who knew creatures of the dead could be so cute?!

Which of these tutorials is your favorite? Which one are you going to try? What other kind of nail art tutorials do you want to see? Tell me in the comments.


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