The Science Behind Heartbreak: 8 Things That Happen To Our Bodies After A Breakup

It can sometimes seem impossible to deal with a really tough breakup. When you’re heartbroken and missing someone you used to spend so much time with, you can feel so many different and complicated emotions. I know that the last time I went through a breakup, I felt like my whole world was ending. In short, it sucks.

When you’re an outsider, it’s easy to pass off these breakup side effects as someone just being really dramatic or really sad. But the truth is, there is a lot more going on than you think – breakups aren’t just hard emotionally, they’re also hard physically. There’s actually a science behind heartbreak that proves that a broken heart can lead to real and sometimes very serious physical issues. So what is really going on with you after a breakup? Here are 8 things that happen to your body because of heartbreak and exactly why they happen. So, next time you or someone you know is going through a breakup, don’t assume they’re exaggerating their pain.

Have you ever experienced any of these things during a breakup? Did any of these surprise you? Tell me in the comments.


12 things we secretly do during a breakup that we don’t want to admit

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  • Sur

    Well it has been two yrs and I wish I struggled with moss of appetite than emotional binging. It is what I have been doing since the break up and have gained lotsa weight ! I have never felt this lonely in my life. My relationship was traumatic and caused severe ptsd. I eat As comfort and also because my ex crushed my self esteem. He shamed me non stop. So i don’t feel beautiful thus I don’t care about myself so I emotional eat

  • Blessy Kaur

    i madly miss him alot…..i jst hate myself…plzz suggest me something…so that i can forget him
    only one thing buzzing in my mind is i love him

  • Renata Miller

    A month ago today my now ex broke up with me… It was completely unexpected, even our friends were shocked to learn that he had dumped me. That night I asked him why and he couldn’t answer me. Finally he said that it was because he had lost feelings for me. I felt like someone had just cut me open with a dull knife and cut out everything inside of me. I felt so hollow and cold. I couldn’t get warm no matter what I did. He asked to still be friends which cut me even more, but unwilling to lose every tie with him I said yes. A couple weeks after the break up I realized rather suddenly major changes in myself, I wasn’t eating, I couldn’t smile or laugh how I used to, and I wasn’t getting over being sick even though I had been feeling better before we broke up but it only got worse and worse. Over Thanksgiving break we were hanging out and goofing off like friends when he asked me if we could be more but without the relationship… Tired of feeling so cold and hurt and sore all the time I said yes, but only on the promise that if either of us came into a relationship we would stop everything.. He agreed. Thanksgiving day I found out that he had lied and had been in a relationship for about a week. Even after everything that followed finding that out I couldn’t stop feeling for him how I felt for him. He said that he lied to me about her because he loved being with me and had missed me.. He even told me after the other girl broke up with him that he had lied about losing feelings for me as well and still did, I believed him. He had me smiling and becoming my old self until a couple of days ago when I went over to his house to just simply hang out and the other girl was there with a couple of other people. A lot happened drama and emotional wise that night. The other girl even got with another guy in our ex’s bathroom while everyone was still there. After that had happened he kissed me and it wasn’t a simple one it was a real kiss. He did that four times. I felt all the more hurt and confused and lost after that because he was still wanting both of us.. Today he sent me a message saying how sorry he was but that he had made up his mind and was choosing the other girl instead of me… My chest hurts so badly that it’s hard to move, my body is so sore that even the slightest thing makes it feel bruised and broken. I haven’t eaten since that night really and I’m honestly scared. I can’t sleep without dreams that make me wake with a smile until it crashes into me with the fact that it was a dream, or I have nightmares where I wake up screaming from the pain of it all over again face puffy from the crying I believed to only be in the dream. I can’t look in a mirror without becoming so much more depressed that I can’t stop the tears. Food has lost every single appeal to me that I have lost more than 15 lbs when I was only at 143 and over 6 ft tall. All of my friends are worried because I’m not as involved in the things that I love anymore, and I keep checking my phone to see if maybe just maybe he’d want to talk. While it hurts so much to move all I want to do is walk, or stay and never move again. I don’t see myself when I look in a mirror, or even when I’m talking to someone, I feel detached from my own body and its scaring me even more. The pain is so bad I feel like my chest is being crushed. I don’t know what to do anymore and all of my friends are saying I’m better off but it only makes it hurt that much more. I feel used, broken, and like trash. I wish I could just forget ever meeting him and what he brought out in me and made me realize was possible to feel in life…

    • Dave

      Just know that you’re special and time does heal all wounds. I’ve went through the same recently and you need to focus on yourself now. Do things that are fun for you. Hang out with family and close friends. Eventually the pain will lessen and hopefully you will be ready when the right person for you comes along. Try to stay positive this will eventually make you stronger and you will learn things you never knew about yourself. Stay strong and remember you are worth someone who deserves you

  • marcuscent

    i so can relate to some of them but still feel so loney and hurt!

  • marcuscent

    hi sorry to here all the heart brekoen out ther , its been 10mothn no contac from her and 7mothn not contac from me .. i can not bleve how hard this still is the pain has lifted a little from the start but the after math of the non closer break up is still here and i feel so non my self and just so werid i have lost pepeol close to me to death etc and had mentel helth isuse most of my life . but this just has took every part of my mind and body to the limited …….

  • Tina

    My boy friend whom we have dated for 7 yrs and we were living together and we had started making wedding plans already when he suddenly woke up and said to me last November that he didn’t love me any more and he wasn’t happy with the relationship saying that he didn’t want us to live a miserable life together and that he already rented a new place and wants to move in with a girl he met at work. I begged and pleaded with him but all my efforts failed. I became desperate and searched for a solution that was how i came across the great spell caster, Dr.Amigo, who is the priest of the home of ancient spells.Within 48 hrs that he cast reunion revival spell, my boyfriend came back to me. The reunion revival spell worked faster than i ever expected because I did not trust him at first. Using this post to encourage women who have experience divorce not to give up on their love and always fight to get their loved ones back and also to give out this great spell casters contact email: You can contact him today i assure everyone 100% solution of his spell work.

    • wolfie legend

      Is this honestly true?

  • Jade

    I went through a breakup too. I am broken. Every time I think about him, I feel nausea. Why is that?? He also keeps flirting with girls in front of me. I can’t forget him, its just so hard. I cry more and more everyday. I am trying to find girlfriend that may love me more than he did, but, I can’t. I can’t find any bi or lesbian females that actually likes me and that makes me feel worse! What do I do?

  • Vero

    I have my heart broken.. How can you avoid thinking about the person you had intimacy with, who you shared all your thoughts with also, and love with all your heart and soul. Man it hurts so much I think I’ve become crazy. How do you cure something like that, that has emotionally, mentally and physically affected you and hurt you so damn much. I know I have something but I’m not sure, I keep all my feelings bottled up. He was the love of my life and still is he sure doesn’t care because if he did he would be with me I’m just so scared i have a depression problem. Well I know i do but I’m just shocked, idk can someone help me out. I mean I do hate him but I freaking love him. I had over 2 years with him and I met his family and spent time with all of them. He would even spend time with my family as well I went to many places with him I never went. The things is I think I’m just so attracted to him but I hate it because he’s not mine anymore and I hate it more because I lost something I can never get back I know this is exaggeration but it sucks and hurts. I did take a step into trying to get over him I am now with some guy he’s my boyfriend but the thing is i can’t help it but always compare them and think of how it will never be the same with my ex. I need help.

    • de8815

      Is this who I think it is ….. Well whoever it is I hope your okay I went through the same thing and miss my ex like crazy its the toughest thing In the world .. Best thing is to just forgive and forget and just try to not think about it . I know it seems impossible but its either that or be miserable . I wanted to die till I met my new gf she the only thing that foreal kept me from going off the deep in that and about 4 kpins a day or whatever I can get my hands on .

    • de8815


    • de8815

      well i feel like i know this is uand u been texting my phone… its shut off please call my mom and just ask for me … i really need to talk to u

    • artemis

      I am exactly at the same point. My boyfriend of 3 years just doesnt want me anymore. I have tachycardia and feel numb and depressed. I have totally lost my decency and self esteem

      • B Franklin

        You really need JESUS in your life.People disappoint way to much.JESUS loves you with an everlasting love.That’s an unconditional love that is written In His word.Experience Him for yourself ACTS 2:38kjv

    • Michael Holzemer

      Youve taken words into the exsact context of my life and put them out on paper(so to speak)I never went places with my ex, but I feel the exsact same way twards my girlfriend…er, ex girlfriend(still not used to calling her that) I was in a 2.5 year relationship with her, and then one day her sister tells me shes been in a relationship with a GIRL for 3 years, oh and that theyre getting married in a month!…inbetween those 2.5 years there were some key points in our lives that fit perfectly, but make me feel all the more horrible…she had talked about moving, a few months later I proposed to her, then a few months later she took a 4-5 month break from me becaise we got into a fight, then after she got back from her vacation I proposed to her again(I never got a “no” I only got an “I’m not ready yet” both times) and then next thing you know I got the message from her sister saying shes lesbian, and shes getting married in a month…I…this happend not too long ago and I…I’m still utterly shattered over it…they say shit like this hits you like a wall…no…they toppled a damn castle on me! Because I found out that waaaay back when she was talking about moving, she was talking about moving in with her “future wife” and when she took her 4-5 month break it was to be with her “future wife” and the proposal…the proposal…she said she wasnt ready…she was never going to BE ready…she was waiting for the GIRL to propose, and if not, then shed accept my proposal…they get married tomarow, and I’m stuck here in the dark, in the chaos, alone, sad, and heart broken, while I look ahead, watching them in the light saying their “i do’s” and watching the groom say “you may kiss the bride as husband and wife” er, wife and wife…or whatever!…oh, and heres the best part, the “wife” contacts me and says she wants to be friends with me, because I “brought out the best in my ex” which is why theyre getting married in the first place…like…the fuck? If I’m the one who brought out the best in her, why is it that YOURE the one marrying her!? And then this girl hits me with “dont worry youll find someone i know you will” I HAD ALREADY FOUND HER! YOU TOOK HER FROM ME!!!! What I really dont get is why my ex got a marrage in the forst place. She was keeping 2 relationships, and was keeping them both secret from the two unsusspecting lovers…so why didnt we BOTH leave? Because the “wife” still loved my ex, and my ex wanted to be with her…so happy ending for them…sigh what do I do? I need to feel better, but I wake up every day with the feeling of a chainsaw running in my heart, and every night i dream of her kissing her girlfriend, filled with nothing but love and passion…my past few weeks all I’ve wanted to do is fall on my knees and cry

      • Steve Rivera

        How are feeling today, I’m going thru the same thing,, and I woke up today with strong chest pain

    • B Franklin

      People hurt people regardless if intentual or not.There is one who will never hurt or disappoint You.Call on His name.That name above all names,JESUS!! My hope,for You is to experience Him in His word. ACTS 2:38kjv See
      for Yourself!!

  • extractor

    I loved her…. Cared about her.. she became the world to me….. A world which was destroyed in seconds…. Came to know from her best frnd that she was cheating on me….. Did a lil’ research and came to know that she had 3 boyfriends n was flirting with 1 more with a fake FB account….. I stopped talking to her.. never even in my life I will ever be able to talk to her…. What else would I have done… Even though I didn’t shared this with my frnds becoz I didn’t want to hurt her or humiliate her… I could have but I didn’t…… It’s been a year… She is still the same having more than 1 boyfriend… Changing boyfriends every 3 months… Bloody bitch.. May she rot in hell where the devil will put his monstrous dick in her pussy and pull it out of her mouth…. …..AMEN

  • Katherine

    Me and my boyfriend of 6 years broke up 2 weeks ago and I’ve suffered every one of these (except death, obviously).
    Although the breakup was mutual it wasn’t something we wanted to do but more like we had to. Within a week I had gotten a rash all over my body connected with a viral infection, ulcers and boils from being run down. I haven’t eaten a full meal in two weeks and I usually love food. My chest physically hurts from the pain of heartache and stress. I’m aware I’m depressed as it’s something I’ve dealt with on and off for 10 years and I’ve never felt such withdrawal from anything in my life. I’m just holding on to the hope that things really will get better, eventually.

  • Hoda

    I still feel alone and can’t do my home works .i feel I will be allright if I meet him again but it’s impossible

  • Depressed

    I have had my heart broken
    and 4 of those things are happening to me right now….

  • sabby

    Obviously you have no idea what manic depression actually is.

  • Johng125

    Thanks so much for sharing this excellent info! I’m seeking forward to see much more posts! fcafcfeeeefe

  • Elena

    reading this makes me feel even more unhappy and sad. I feel so sad that I feel ike my life has no future. I love sucks. loving somebody that doesn’t love is even sadder.

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  • kadelle2

    so true. everything that’s listed here. i actually felt like i was gonna die from a heartattack but told myself “nah, emotional pain cant be that serious” apparently it can :/

  • LittleRedWolf

    I just went through a breakup of sorts. It was a friend breakup but I had really strong romantic feelings for her as well. I thought she was my best friend and she kind of acted like she had feelings for me, too. We did everything together and spent a lot of time together, but then out of no where it all came crashing down. I was so depressed for the next couple days and felt a lot of the things listed above, until I got an e-mail basically telling me so much of our friendship was bs. It sucked, but it made me more pissed off than anything and it did help me get out of the depressed state a lot quicker. It’s hard to miss someone who wasn’t “real” in a sense.

  • Lissa

    Please don’t die. Please. PLEASE. I promise the best is yet to come.

  • Depressed and Suicidal

    You’ll feel so depressed you might become a manic depressive.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you have no idea what manic depression actually is.

    • B Franklin

      You really need JESUS, in your life.Right now!Pray like your life depended on it!He listens!